Why the Open Road Makes You Feel Happy

Why the Open Road Makes You Feel Happy

The open road makes you feel happy, this is no secret. Poems have been penned about it, songs have been sung about it, and the idea of finding yourself behind the wheel, with miles of unspoiled road ahead of you, always lands up at the edge of your imagination. These thoughts gently interrupt those conference calls, that particularly lengthy workout session, or that endless traffic jam on your way home.

And yet, not all of us can up and leave on a road trip, just because of a pretty picture painted by our imagination. Given the always-pragmatic, always-practical species that we’re evolving into, it is sometimes a little hard to act upon a mere ‘feeling’, even when it is a happy feeling. And so, today we’ll try and list the ingredients of that refreshing, exhilarating feeling that the open road induces in the human heart.

Freedom, to do (and to be) whatever you want

One of the most evident beauties of the open road, is the fact that it immediately sets you free. As humans, we intrinsically value freedom, and as modern citizens of this planet, independence is ironically the biggest thing we’re dependent on. When you break away from your city life, even for a little while, you immediately set yourself free to think and do as you please. Today, with the kinds of campers and caravans you can set up, this aspect of freedom has taken on a new level – of choosing your kind of freedom. Want to go completely off the grid? Just drive off with an RV stocked with just the bare necessities. Want to carry some creature comforts with you? Today’s handy caravan accessories will help you retain the best parts of home, with the wonders of the open road all around you.

Much needed artistic inspiration

The fact that the open road has inspired countless writers, musicians and painters to create the wonders that they did, says something about its ability to inspire people in creative ways. But this isn’t exclusive to the artistically inclined. As humans, we always need stimuli to respond to. The trouble with overcrowded urban spaces is that they pack too many stimuli in relatively small spaces and time frames. The open road is the opposite, beautifully showcasing inspiration in envelopes of green grass, blue skies, red dirt and a refreshing sense of good things to come.

Connecting with the planet again

Of course the open road brings you back in touch with nature. But that’s not all. Reconnecting with the planet also means that you see things from a different perspective, outside the purview of cities, governments and social niceties. Along the open road, days turn into night with much more simplicity, and living beings other than us go about their business without the need to refer to the clock or the calendar. This leaves you with a very different perspective from which to reassess what you typically think and do, and brings you back in touch with your world, in its natural, undisturbed state.

Living the simple life

Even if you travel in a caravan furnished with every appliance and gadget you use at home, the fact that you’re on the open road will always encourage you to live simpler. From using water judiciously, to gradually reducing resource hogging activities, you tend to become more minimal in your existence. And believe it or not, there’s a natural, intrinsic joy in being able to do that.

 “Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons, it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.”

The above lines by Walt Whitman perfectly sum up everything that the open road does for us. So this year, don’t hold yourself back. Get on the open road and be the best ‘you’ that you can be! 

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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