Meet Brad and Agnes on their Journey to Minimalism and Sustainability

Meet Brad and Agnes on their Journey to Minimalism and Sustainability

There is nothing like the outdoors! Waking up each day with nature at your doorstep and the troubles of the city miles away.

We have been camping enthusiasts for years. Growing up in Canada, countless summers were spent exploring provincial parks with friends and family. Over the years, we built a fine collection of camping gear and supplies. Most of our trips were spent living out of our car and a tent. We thought that this was the only way to truly explore the outdoors but little did we know all of this was going to change. 

Travel has always been a shared passion between us so we jumped at the opportunity to work abroad when Brad secured an internal transfer. Four years ago, we pack our bags and began an epic adventure crossing the globe to Sydney, Australia. It didn’t take long for us to grow accustom to the beautiful weather and our new surroundings. A whole new world of camping awaited! We bought a 4x4 and dedicated the majority of our holidays to exploring our new home. Prior to moving to Australia we promised ourselves that we would bring our faithful four-legged companion Sargent Pepper along for the ride.

We quickly discovered that there is so much to see in Australia. As the years rolled on, Sydney became a bubble. Finding the time to properly explore Australia became difficult and it was expensive. So, over these past 8 months we have been planning our great escape. We want to live large with less.

How could we combine long-term travel, simple living, camping and the outdoors? Easy, get a caravan! Startup costs weren’t kind on the wallet but neither is a home mortgage. We have restored a 13 ft. vintage Viscount caravan that we will call home for the next 12 months. This home on wheels is being hauled around Australia with our reconditioned 97 Land Rover Discovery. Though the caravan was in rather good condition when we bought it, a few repairs were necessary. All the windows and seams required new weatherproofing. The roof required a fresh coat of paint and the interior needed some attention. 

We are exploring an alternative lifestyle. Minimalism and self-sustainability go hand in hand when living in a caravan. Everything you bring on-board needs to serve a purpose. This has allowed us to really identify what is important in our lives. Advancements in technology have made living on the road more enjoyable. 12-volt solar systems, efficient lighting solutions and low energy consumption appliances are very affordable today. Living off the grid is easier than ever and has the potential of saving you a ton of money. 

Pet friendly travel and reconnecting with nature are also very important to us. Those that frequently travel with their pets will understand how difficult it can be to find pet friendly accommodations. It is our mission to shed more light on this matter by mapping and sharing top pet friendly destinations around Australia. 

There is nothing like exploring Australia’s raw beauty and reconnecting with nature. Our 4x4 will still allow us to 'go bush' when we want. All of our camping gear has been very handy for such occasions. Unplugging from the world has allowed us to appreciate the simpler things in life.

We have seen much of this fine country and we’re ready to see more! We have put it all on the line, saying good-bye to our corporate 9 to 5 jobs in search of something wild. Come and join our adventure as we explore the highs and lows of this lifestyle further.

You can read more about Brad and Agnes' adventure over on Black Pepper Abroad

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