Meet the Campbells

Meet the Campbells

With the lure of Cape York and a family adventure motivating me, I set aside many weekends, late nights and any free time to build an ex-railways Mitsubishi Canter 4x4 into our adventure machine. With the body and mechanicals finished it was time to make our home away from home able to comfortably support us for a four week journey. I was on a first name terms with the local mailman as my parcels from CaravanRVCamping arrived on a regular basis.

With the build finished, the truck packed and work and school put on hold for a month, we set off. From our home on the NSW Central Coast to Cairns we took the inland route and enjoyed the varying landscapes and lovely county towns. After restocking supplies, filling fuel and water tanks we set off on a two week trip to the top of Australia.

Temperatures were hot as it was now the beginning of October and the tail end of the tourist season but we were rewarded with beautiful campsites and swimming holes all to ourselves. The truck went well and we tested it's capabilities on the CREB Track and The Old Telegraph Track.

Reaching the tip of Australia with the family was the reward for all those days and nights of hard work. After a month together in the truck we wanted to continue but work and school could not be ignored any longer. As we sit around the dinner table at home we are planning our next adventure and the Simpson Desert is looking good for next year.

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