Silverton via Broken Hill, Outback New South Wales

Silverton via Broken Hill, Outback New South Wales

Average Winter Temp: 16°C

Average Summer Temp: 30°C

Traditionally inhabited by: Wiljakali Aboriginal people

A remote little place with a permanent population of only 50 people. A strange little place that comes close to belonging nowhere, barely making it on the western edge of New South Wales. And despite this, a very familiar place that has starred in multiple films and has multiple famous artists as its patrons. Silverton, a small village 25km west of the mining town of Broken Hill, defines quirky, and is the place to be if you’re tired of brochure-quality holidays and package deals.

Coming into recognition during the mining craze of the late nineteenth century, Silverton attained its name from the silver deposits found in the region. It was soon a prospering mining township, connected via tramway to Broken Hill, and home to a melee of businesses and public infrastructure. In the years that followed, however, Broken Hill emerged as a major mining destination, thus depriving Silverton of its principal status, and gradually transforming it into the eccentric, barely populated village that it is today. But a strong link of sentiment remained, and the 50 loyal inhabitants of the village live good lives amid frequent media frenzy and tourist attention.

Discover interesting aspects of Australia’s mining history, and participate in heritage trails that inform you of ways of life that civilization rendered redundant. You are guaranteed to take home an unforgettable experience, the kind you’ve only seen in movies so far, literally!

Attractions & Activities:

  • Picnicking
  • Camping
  • Photography
  • Heritage Trails
  • Nature Trails
  • Mundi Mundi (Mad Max) Lookout
  • Silverton Historic Cemetery
  • Silverton Gaol Museum
  • Mad Max Museum
  • Umberumberka Reservoir
  • Day Dream Mine

Caravan Parks

Silverton’s many public buildings now function as tourist accommodation, which means that there are plenty of hotels and dorms to choose from, including the Silverton Hotel, the Blue Bush Country Cottage, and the Silverton War Memorial Youth Camp. If you’re caravanning up to Silverton, though, the following places will serve as good destinations to set up camp:

Penrose Park

Silverton, NSW

Operating from a sprawling 80 acre complex 20km from Broken Hill, Penrose Park brings you a host of well-appointed and well-managed accommodation options, right by Silverton village. This is a great place to pitch your tent, rent a cabin or dorm, and explore the many sights and delights of the surrounding area. The fact that it’s a picturesque bushland with an abundance of nature and wildlife doesn’t hurt one bit. Camping infrastructure here includes toilets, showers, barbecues, laundry, children’s playgrounds, tennis courts and a Bush golf course.

$25/night for a family (2 adults + 2 children), unpowered sites; $5 per extra child

$30/night for a family (2 adults + 2 children), powered sites; $5 per extra child

(En-suite cabins, bunkhouses and hall hires are also available.)


Eldee Station

Silverton, NSW

Located about 30km north of Silverton, Eldee Station offers good food, clean facilities and a beautiful locale that often features in film shoots and as a wedding destination. The caravan and camping area here has room for 8 couples or families, and gives them access to well-managed facilities including toilets, showers and a covered kitchen. A restaurant on the premises serves delicious food, and wireless internet access keeps you within reach of contact with the outside world, even as you unwind amid the natural beauty of this farming area.

$36/night for 2 persons, unpowered sites; $8 per child

$40/night for 2 persons, powered sites; $10 per child

$50/night for 2 adults, ‘swag hires’; $10 per child

(Rooms on hire are also available.)


Broken Hill Tourist Park

Broken Hill, NSW

If you’re planning to set up camp in Broken Hill and take a day trip to Silverton, Broken Hill Tourist Park would be a great choice of caravan park. An extensive range of sites, from grass to chipbark to hard surfaces, makes this a safe bet if you’re reaching here during the holiday season. Facilities include everything from showers, toilets, laundry and kitchen, to entertainment and recreation, to tour bookings for Broken Hill and Silverton.

Tariffs vary through the year. Powered drive-thru caravan sites start at $40/night for 2 persons.


Free Camping / Low Cost Camping:

Penrose Park offers fairly reasonable rates as far as low budget camping near Silverton is concerned. Caravanning tourists can also look up the RTA rest areas in New South Wales for rest stops along their routes.

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