Burdekin Shire

Burdekin Shire

Average Winter Temps: 20℃

Traditional Land of: Bindal and Juru People

When selecting a destination for any visit to Australia, it’s important to remember the Burdekin Shire. It’s an area with a tremendous amount of history, and one that serves as the connection between north and south Queensland. With an abundance of water, excellent soil, and industrious people, the Shire has been attracting settlers and others since MacMillan’s era.

Anchored by the shire’s two primary towns – Home Hill and Ayr – the shire is an area that has seen quite a bit of revitalization in recent years. Both towns have seen major upgrades to their infrastructure and public works, and a renewed emphasis on beautification. 

The entire Burdekin is over 5000 square kilometres in area, and offers the best of Australia’s more relaxed side. The fishing in the area is among the best in the world, and guests and residents alike are able to frolic on some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Again, though, it is the fishing that draws such eager crowds. That’s due to the wide variety of fish and other species that can be obtained in the region.

If you visit, be sure to ask about the sugar cane. As the Burdekin is home to tremendous water reserves – it has an enormous aquifer beneath the ground, a tremendous reserve managed by the dam, and the waters of the Burdekin River, farmers in the area grow sugar cane. Thanks to their huge natural reserves of clean, fresh water (which is affectionately known in these parts as “liquid gold”), agriculture remains a staple of the area’s economy.

National Parks

  • Bowling Green Bay National Park
  • Cape Upstart National Park
  • Magnetic Island National Park

Attractions & Activities

  • Swimming
  • Boating
  • Galleries
  • Museums
  • Drive-in Movies
  • Fishing
  • Backpacking
  • Camping

Caravan Parks

Alva Beach Tourist Park

East of Ayr, Queensland

This tourist park offers close proximity to Alva Beach in a setting that provides plenty of shade, coconut trees, and beautiful hedges. From here, you can enjoy a day spent crabbing, fishing, or just watching the birds in the lush natural landscape. The park is large enough to ensure that there is usually a vacant lot or two – making it one of the easier bookings you’ll find. Both powered and unpowered sites are available, as well as cabins. The camp’s facilities are accessible to the disabled, and the park provides ice and bait at the on-site shop. In addition, it offers all the typical amenities, including showers, public bathrooms, and areas for cooking.

$24-30/night for two people, $8-10/night each additional person.


The Silverlink Caravan Village

Ayr, Queensland

As the perfect place to stay while you visit the Yongala wreck or play on Karrie Webb’s golf course, Silver Link is truly one of a kind. There are villas, cabins, and a wide assortment of drive-through caravan sites for weary travelers and adventurers alike. Even larger motor homes can find easy accommodation on these sites. Campers who prefer tents can also find the grassy areas they need. The campsite is close to the beaches while still being secluded enough to ensure that the hectic activities in town don’t disrupt your peace and quiet. Depending upon the type of lodging you seek, the rates run from very low to moderately priced.

Prices starting at $33/night for two people; $8/night additional charge per extra person


Free Camping / Low Cost Camping

Burdekin Cascades Caravan Park

Ayr, Queensland

This park is owned by the Shire Council, and conveniently located just beside the swimming pool in Ayr. It offers cabins, villas, budget accommodations (with no frills, of course) and both powered and unpowered sites. There is a communal shower, toilet facilities, and laundry. For those who just can’t leave home without their beloved furry friends, there’s one additional bit of good news: pets are welcome.

$22-$29/night 2 persons; $7.5-$10/night for each additional person


Home Hill Caravan Park

Home Hill, Queensland

Located right next to the Home Hill swimming pool, this caravan park offers a reasonably-priced lodging option for travelers from around the world. While it is not one of the larger parks on our list, it does offer the kind of affordable prices many travelers seek, as well as free entry into the pool for all guests. There are powered sites, unpowered options, cabins, and tent sites. There is also a communal shower, toilet facilities, and laundry, and pets are welcome.

$22-$29/night 2 persons; $7.5-$10/night for each additional person

$19/night for tent site

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