What’s More Dangerous Than Snake Bites Out in the Bush?

Author: Tahlia Maynard   Date Posted:11 October 2016 

Practicing food safety while camping or caravanning is essential to ensure you don't sick while you're on the road.

Snakes, spiders, crocodiles and cassowaries are scary. Australia is famous for our dangerous animals, so when we back up the caravan to hit the outback there’s no wonder we are always alert. Surprisingly, there is something else that is more likely to get you down while on your camping or caravanning trip then all of these animals put together. Food poisoning is a common factor of many camping trips and can often be quite serious if proper precautions aren’t taken. With refrigeration and contamination often the culprits, here’s how you can make sure you practice good food safety when out on the road.

General Rules to follow:

With the kitchen in your caravan being much smaller than you’re used to back home, it’s vital to keep these tips in mind before preparing each meal.  The above tips really are just the surface of food safety recommendations. There are individual suggestions for barbequing and even guidelines to helping you identify safe water. You can find out more information here which will guide you to make better decisions when it comes to preparing food in your caravan.