When Is A Good Time to Start Camping With Your New Baby

When Is A Good Time to Start Camping With Your New Baby

For others, adventure is a way of life and won’t be interrupted by a new addition. No matter which side of the fence you sit on, there are some recommendations and suggestions that will help you work out when is a good time to introduce your little tot to the outdoors. The one thing that is important to remember that each baby will have different needs and there is no blanket approach to this topic.


While there is no set timeframe for you to work with when it comes to deciding to head out camping with your little bundle of joy, one thing to keep in mind is the vaccination schedule. It’s a good idea to wait at least until they’ve had their first round of shots (around the 6-week mark). With all sorts of animals, people and undoubtedly – germs around, its best practice to protect your new born in those first 6 weeks as much as possible. Plus, if it’s your first child you will most likely need this long as a parent to get used to everything too.

Time of Year

It may not be the best timing to head out camping with your bub in the middle of winter or the middle of summer. Work out the most comfortable time of year to travel, camp and be without the modern luxuries of home. This may be late autumn or perhaps early spring for your family. So while you cannot control the elements of the weather, choosing the best time of year to travel is something you can control, especially if you keep an eye on the forecast.

Distance from Home

For your first trip away from home with the baby, you should choose a campsite that isn’t too far away from home. If you need to pack up in the middle of the night to go home, you don’t want to be hours away. Choosing a spot close to home also helps if you forget to bring anything and also means you will be close to your regular amenities if need be.

Pack Enough Stuff

If you have plenty of space, pack extra stuff. More nappies, more clothes, more blankets than you think you need. It’s surprising how much you can underestimate what your little person needs. If you have spare space on board you’re best off having everything within reach. Even if your partner thinks you’re going a little overboard, it’s better than having to send them off in the middle of the night to stock up on nappies. 

Going camping with a new baby is very doable, especially with the right attitude. If you’re a little stressed, your bubba will certainly replicate those emotions so being prepared is vital. Thinking about a couple of the above tips should help you identify what you need to assess before you say ‘Yes!’ to heading to the campsite with a baby in tow. Some would even say, the earlier you do it the easier it will be. Good luck and happy camping.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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