Which Kitchen Appliances You Shouldn't Skimp Out On

Which Kitchen Appliances You Shouldn't Skimp Out On

Walls, floors and a ceiling don’t make a home and the same rationale holds true for your home-on-wheels. A caravan is ready for its journey into the Outback only when it has all the essentials to keep you comfortable. Of course there are a million things to take care of while furnishing and outfitting your caravan and you may have to cut back on your shopping after a point. But generally speaking, it’s a good idea to be a little generous with your kitchen shopping. At the heart of every good holiday is good food (and drinks of course), and a well-equipped caravan kitchen will get you there. Read on to learn about the caravan kitchen appliances that you shouldn’t skimp on.

Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is an absolute must-have for every caravan owner. A versatile and extremely handy appliance, this can help you brew up some hot tea any time of the day. It can also double up as a coffee machine and save you some money, especially if you’re not too fussy about how you take your coffee. In addition to this, a kettle is particularly useful for all those little ‘filler’ jobs that crop up around your caravan kitchen – boiling water for some instant soup or noodles, or getting hot water ready for a meal while your cooker is occupied, thus saving valuable time. Good quality electric kettles can last for several years without presenting any problems, so don’t skimp out hoping to save a few bucks.


You can add dedicated crockpots or rice cookers to your caravan kitchen inventory. Or you can save both kitchen space and cooking time by investing in a good quality multi-cooker. Multi-cookers can take care of practically all your cooking needs, ranging from deep frying to steaming to everything in between. Go for a product from a trusted brand to avoid unexpected shutdowns while you’re in the middle of nowhere, because investing in a multi-cooker means that the rest of your cooking gear is going to be quite minimal. Depending on your budget, you can purchase a multi-cooker with 4-5 basic functions, or one that comes with integrated chopping and blending functions to further speed up your meal preparations.

Portable Pizza Oven

A little too specific for a caravan kitchen must-have, did you say? Well, not exactly. Pizzas are a great idea for meals on the road, being delicious, filling, and modifiable as per your tastes and nutritional preferences. And they’re fun – to make and to eat. So invest in a portable pizza maker for your caravan kitchen to enjoy scrumptious pizzas every night. If you need more convincing, most modern pizza makers are compact, extremely easy to use, and not particularly expensive either.

Caravan Refrigerator

The caravanning population stands divided when it comes to choosing between motorhome refrigerators and cooler boxes, but the fact remains that you will need some cooling device or the other if you wish to go on summer camping holidays. Even if you’re not particularly keen on shelling out the few extra hundreds that a refrigerator will ask for, it is important that you set a part of your kitchen shopping budget aside for one. For a number of reasons – less dependence on ice, more storage space (again because you won’t need ice), efficient cooling to very precise temperatures (required for a number of meats and perishables), and the freedom to stay on the road for as long as you like. Good quality caravan refrigerators might be slightly expensive, but they’ll save you a world of trouble in the form of durability, performance and power savings.

Good luck shopping for your caravan kitchen!

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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