Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Tablelands

Caravanning & Camping Atherton Tablelands

Average Winter Temps: 22℃

Traditional Land of: Ngadjonji People


The first thing visitors to Atherton Tablelands are apt to notice is the landscape. Situated in the heart of the shire that bears its name, the township of Atherton is surrounded by natural beauty that will dazzle all your sense. Because of its consistent rainfall, the entire area is a gorgeous shade of tropical green. It also benefits from a unique combination of tropical atmosphere and lofty heights. Because it sits seven hundred metres above sea level, it is free from the humidity and extreme temperatures commonly seen along the coast. That helps to make it one of the most enjoyable climates in all of Australia.

Its central location in the Tablelands positions Atherton as the ideal base camp for anyone who wants to spend time exploring all of the major sights and sites in the region. Visitors can also enjoy annual festivities such as the Maize festival, or July’s jazz event. As the main commercial area for the region, Atherton also has more than its share of shops, restaurants, and other commercial venues - so there’s always something to do.

Throughout the Atherton Tablelands, you’ll find rainforests, parks, crater lakes, and volcanic formations, as well as 500-year old mammoth trees that will leave you awestruck. There are a host of intriguing animals and birds in the area, including many that are considered endangered – such as the tree kangaroo and platypus. From here, you can reach the Cairns or the Savanna grasslands within an hour.

So whether you’re looking for adventure, a new cultural experience, or just to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, a visit to Atherton Tablelands is just the solution you need. With its perfect blend of the natural and man-made worlds, and its unique fusion of the old and the new, this area can be the perfect destination for any Australian vacation.


National Parks:

Hasties Swamp National Park

Danbulla National Park and State Forest

Crater Lakes National Park

Mt Hypipamee National Park

Hallorans Hill Conservation Park

Dinden National Park


Attractions & Activities:

List of things to do

The Waterfall Circuit

Barron Falls

Lakes Eacham, Barrine and Tinaroo

Lake Koombooloomba



Visit the national parks

See the world’s longest flow of lava

Take a bushwalk

Go birding

See the Wetlands

Bungy jump

Go biking

Hot air balloon rides

Visit the jungle

Art galleries

Visit Chinatown

Aboriginal tours

Wildlife Tours

Crocodile Adventures

Head to the Great Barrier Reef

Rainforest tours


Caravan Parks:


Atherton Hallorans Leisure Park

Atherton, Queensland

More than six acres of peaceful camping space, and offers powered and unpowered sites, villas and cabins. This park is located close to an extinct volcano, and offers great views of the Great Dividing Range. It is also within easy driving distance of a variety of waterfalls, crater lakes, trails for bushwalking, and the rainforest.

Rates start at $29-35/night for 2 people


BIG4 Atherton Woodlands Tourist Park

Atherton, Queensland

Located right in the midst of the Tablelands, this park offers everything from luscious cabins to shaded caravan sites. There are laundry facilities, a complete kitchen, and a welcoming attitude toward your beloved pets. Because it’s a family-operated site, it has a family-friendly outlook!

Visitors can use the park as their base of operations as they explore the many natural wonders of the area, as well as the many local attractions. Because it is just 1.5km from the town, Atherton Woodlands is the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want to stray too far from the comforts of civilization!

$30-$38/night for two persons, $8 additional charge for each extra person


Atherton Holiday Park

Atherton, Queensland

Modern facilities in a shaded area make this site a great place to relax after a long day’s adventure at the area’s many attractions. It offers an enchanting view of the Seven Sisters, as well as Mount Bartle Frere and the area’s ancient grouping of volcano cinder cones. There’s even a saltwater pool for guests to enjoy, and wi-fi so that you’re never completely out of touch with the rest of the world!

$25-$30/night for 2 people, $7 per extra person


Free Camping / Low Cost Camping:


Lake Eacham Tourist Park

Atherton Tablelands, Queensland

Lake Eacham offers 10 acres of beautiful park grounds for campers of all persuasions. Tents, campers, and caravans are all accommodated, with large sites that are easy to drive through. The camp offers laundry facilities, a kitchen, and gas barbecue for all your grilling and cooking needs. A great place to catch a glimpse of musky rat kangaroos, possums, and other beautiful and intriguing animals that only come out at night!

$22-27/night for 2 people. $5 additional charge for each additional guest.


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