Eberspacher Airtonic Heater

Author: Renee Napthali   Date Posted:18 June 2016 

Caravan RV Camping, industry experts with over 40 years of experience in the caravan camping field, have put together a quick guide to help those looking to purchase a quality caravan diesel heater.

The Ins and Outs of Eberspächer Airtronic Air Conditioners


Nothing can ruin a good trip quicker than blistering heat or frigid, unpleasant cold.

In this sense, it’s interesting how the ability to control the temperature of our environment is an element of life not often appreciated until it’s gone.

If you’re sick of sweating yourself silly or shivering on the sidelines, then a caravan air conditioner is likely a wise investment for you.

Simply read over the following few paragraphs to get up-to-date with everything you need to know before investing your time and energy into a new system.



For those who are unaware, Eberspächer UK, part of the Eberspacher Climate Control System of Germany, was created in 1977 with the goal of bringing diesel-fueled heating to the mobile vehicle market.

Now, almost 40 years later, they have become a renowned brand in regards to their innovative heating and cooling systems, which have been praised across the industry for their impressive performance, dependability, and array of useful and compatible accessories and add-ons.


How Eberspächer Airtronic Heaters Work

Eberspächer Airtronic air conditioners function by going over a few routine steps upon startup.

Firstly, an automatic safety check is triggered by the central control unit to ensure that all mechanisms are prepared for operation.

Secondly, the burner motor is switched to “on”, while the combustion area is aired out and the glow plug is heated before the metering pump begins to direct the system’s fuel.

Once the glow plug reaches a hot enough temperature, it ignites the system’s mixture of fuel and air, ultimately creating a flame.

The system then pumps hot combustion gasses through the heat exchanger while a hot air fan continues to pull in new air to heat/cool the room.


Eberspächer Airtronic Heater Features

Proudly boasting their German origin, Eberspächer Airtronic heaters advertise many features that have aided them in rising the market ranks. These include, but are not limited to:



Most Popular Eberspächer Heater Models

Although Eberspächer offers dual air-and-water heating systems, when it comes to caravan air heaters, Eberspächer’s D2 and D4 line rise above the rest.


To further explore Eberspächer’s Airtronic line, click here now.

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