Evakool Esky

Evakool Esky

Where Did Evakool’s Iceboxes Come From?

From humble beginnings in 1994 as there was a realisation that there just was no options for a serious fishing man when wanting to store bait and fish for more than just a few Hours.

Thus, an idea was born to create an icebox that wouldn’t just last hours or a day, but a week and beyond.

Thus, Evakool was begun and has grown to be a leading Australian owned company based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD over 30 years later.

Evakool designs all their iceboxes to not only perform in Australian conditions, hold ice for exceptional periods but also be tough enough to use in the real world.

Evakool has expanded into other options for the fishing, camping and caravanning markets; including a vast range of portable fridge freezers, upright caravan fridges and world first draw fridges.


The Range

Evakool started Australia’s first range of fibreglass iceboxes, which continue to this day with over 20 different capacities to choose from, starting at the 30 Litre icebox and increasing all the way to the largest 200 Litre option.

Though if you would like, Evakool can also supply custom options above and beyond this standard range.

Expanding to cover other markets means a wide range of polyethene (plastic) iceboxes have been designed and developed over time.

The extremely popular Evakool IceKool range starts at 10 Litres, commonly seen on the back of any tradies ute, all the way to another 200 Litre option for the confident fisherman (over 1.2 Meters long inside).

This range of portable polyethene iceboxes also contains non-traditional options such as dual lid, a drink dispenser unit and a wheeled icebox.


What Does An Evakool Icebox Give You?

Other than the single most important thing; a cold beer, Evakool iceboxes have multiple features to offer.

Strength to cope; even all the way down to the smallest 10 Litre icebox, Evakool has made their units strong enough to stand on!

This strength comes from the quality and quantity of insulation used. Meaning no matter the conditions Australia wide, an Evakool is designed to give you the best experience.

Evakool’s unique lid latches have been built for both strength and ease of use, via a hinging mechanism the lid latch pulls tight the lid seal to improve performance of the icebox.

The Australian designed hinge and lifting options have been created to be both easy to use, strong and simple.

Evakool’s extensive range of Fibreglass Esky and iceboxes has all your needs covered; from a simple lunchbox for day trips at the beach, extending your cool space in your caravan or getting away for a week or more.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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