Hybrid Batteries

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Get the best lithium battery under bonnet system for your adventures. When it comes to lithium battery under bonnet models, you can’t go past brand like DCS. DCS offers a fantastic selection of lithium battery under bonnet models.

DCS Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries For Under Bonnet

DCS, short for “Deep Cycle Systems”, really know how to design and manufacture dual purpose batteries that will keep your adventures going for longer. Check out their latest upgraded hybrid lithium battery under bonnet systems with 20% more storage and an integrated 20A MPPT solar regulator. All DCS lithium batteries feature high performance cylindrical cells which super-efficient and easy to recharge – so there’s no need to install larger alternators!

There are lots of challenges when off-roading, but with a lithium battery under bonnet, you’ll always be ready with a starting battery or cranking battery. For example, the DCS Ultimate 12V 260Ah Lithium Dual Battery System comes with 260Ah of total lithium storage so you have 260Ah x 20% equals 50Ah always ready for engine cranking and the upper 80% for deep cycling (210Ah). Check out our great deals on lithium battery under bonnet models from top brands.

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