QLD Caravan Trips

QLD Caravan Trips

Two Great Caravan Trip Ideas In Queensland

Have you been planning to hit the road lately for a fun-filled road trip with the family? Well, Queensland has always shown promise as one of the best states in Australia to enjoy such activities. With exquisite scenery and breathtaking views, you easily get to experience its magnificence to the fullest. Here are two of amazing road trails we recommend when you’re out and about on the highways of Queensland.


Overlander’s Way

The road stretches for more than 1500km from Townsville in the north to Camoonned , which is located in the Outback sections of Queensland. On the road, you will come across modern droves in trucks carrying their cattle. When it comes to accommodation, fear not, for along the way, there are plenty of motel rooms and hotels for you to take a rest as you enjoy your road trip with nature’s beauty all around you.

Alternatively, you can get all the comfort you need in your RV if it is well stocked. Upon arrival to Townsville, you will come face to face with the monumental Charter’s Towers that was built as a result of the gold that was initially discovered there years back and still mined today at Julia Creek, Mount Isa and Richmond.

While traversing the great Overlander’s way, other activities that might be worth your while include exploring the Porcupine Gorge or viewing the splendour of Mount Isa in the night time.


The Great Tropical Drive

Going across the Great Tropical Drive is truly a mind boggling experience. Mind boggling in the sense that it simply blows your away at first sight.  Your journey begins by driving from the North of Queensland, through the tropical areas of the coast and the reef.  You get to capture all the beauty that is the order of the day from Port Douglas all the way to Cooktown.  From Cooktown, sample the historical monuments that are the Charter Towers and the Artherton Tablelands, before finding yourself back in the vicinity of Townsville. To top the icing on the cake, you can have a little detour to the Mackay and Eungella National Park to savour all the wildlife in the area.

So if you’ve been planning to have a unique experience, why not give a Queensland road trip a shot? Get to capture fantastic family moments out on the road and appreciate the magnificence of wild Australia. Trust me, it will be worth your while.


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