Future of Caravanning

Future of Caravanning

What Will Caravanning Look Like in 2050?


We’ve always thought that futurologists have one of the best jobs out. They’re employed to take wild guesses at what things will be like in years’, decades’, or centuries’ time, yabbering on about hoverboards and artificial intelligence. It’s a brilliant profession - they can never be wrong, because nothing’s happened yet. Who is employing these people?


If you’re anything like us, however, you’ll have noticed that there is one subject that futurologists seem a little hesitant to approach. We haven’t heard one of these people tell us what we can expect in the field of caravanning.


Never fear. We’ve dusted off the crystal ball to give you a little insight into what you can expect from caravanning in the year 2050. And, before you say anything, our first prediction is that medical science will sort out all of our collective health and ageing worries which will essentially make us immortal. So no matter what your age, these predictions will directly affect you.


Prediction 1: Alternative Propulsion


In much the same way that a hybrid car stores braking energy for use as propulsion, so too will caravans of the future store kinetic energy and assist the towing vehicle, lessening the drag. As the cost of fuel rises, the importance of efficiency will greatly increase, with electric motors providing the answer.


This same kinetic energy storage will mean that your caravan will be able to go for days at a time on its own saved power that was built up on the road. There’ll be no need to get a powered site again!


Prediction 2: Motorhomes


If current trends are anything to go by, towing a caravan will still prove far more popular than using an all-in-one motorhome. The fight for space in our ever-condensing urban areas will mean that motorhome ownership is the refuge of the wealthy. Or, motorhomes will be less of a holiday option and more of a first home option for those who may be priced out of the inner-city housing market.


Prediction 3: Compact yet Expandable


The rise of fuel prices will also see the population opting for less Toyota Landcruisers, and more Hyundai i30s. This will put more of an impetus on caravans that are lighter and more compact on the road, but able to be greatly (and easily) expanded off the road.


We’re not just talking the pop-top style that gives you the ability to straighten your spine, we’re talking multi-level, apartment-sized mobile houses, which will expand at the touch of a button. Ergonomic folding furniture will expand out as the walls do, meaning it will look the same post-compaction as it did pre-compaction, with zero manual labour required from the caravanners.


Prediction 4: Be in Nature without Being in Nature


One of the most basic joys of caravanning is the feeling of being in nature. You can step outside with a fresh cup of tea, and gaze at the stars. But when you hit the hay at the end of the night, you might as well be in the walk-in robe of your suburban bedroom.


Prediction number 4 is the ability for you to sleep in nature without leaving the comfort of the van. Through the use of magnetic glass, as seen already on the doors of some pub and restaurant toilet cubicles, a caravanner will be able to turn the caravan’s walls completely transparent, and enjoy sleeping in the great outdoors without ever having to leave the comfort of their bed.


Prediction 5: A ‘Disconnected’ Experience


Our final prediction for caravanning in 2050 is that it will become a conscious lifestyle choice for those who want to be entirely off the grid. With our current tendency to be always connected to the internet in one way or another, through our phones, smartwatches or tablets, we feel as though the lifestyle offered by caravanning will be chosen more and more by those that seek a more private and disconnected experience.


In 30 years’ time it may be completely novel to not have a beeping in your ear or buzzing on your thigh every 30 seconds. The getaway – or lifestyle choice – that caravanning offers will see the masses flocking to get a piece of the internet detached pie.


So, there it is time travellers. The full, unadulterated truth of what the caravanning experience will be like in 2050. But to get you through the next 30+ caravan-filled years, you might want to consult the current day experts at Caravan RV Camping.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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