Thetford Porta Potti Excellence

Thetford Porta Potti Excellence

Thetford Excellence Porta Potti vs. Thetford Qube Models

Using the facilities on the road is an inevitable part of the camping experience.

While we’ve all had to go in the bush at one time or another, for an extended trip, a toilet is a must.

Portable toilets are a great investment which take the hassle out of “doing the deed”, making your camping experience that much more comfortable and reminiscent of home.

The portable toilet market is currently flooded with a variety of models and options which can become overwhelming for newer campers.

Simply read ahead for a few invaluable market insider tips guaranteed to give you the ultimate bang for your buck when deciding to purchase a camping porta potti.



When it comes to high-quality portable toilets, Thetford Corporation is above the rest in terms of style, efficiency, and value.

Known as the leading manufacturer of mobile sanitation products (for vehicles such as RVs, boats, and trucks), Thetford has become renowned in the caravanning realm for their collection of high-quality models that manage to stylishly predict the needs of the ever-changing camping market.

The two most popular Thetford lines of portable toilets are the Qube and Excellence models.


Thetford Qube versus Thetford Excellence Porta Potti

Qube portable toilet models are diverse in their range of size, features, capacities, and flushing mechanisms.

Popular Qube models include the Qube 145, Qube 165, Qube 335 and the Qube 345

Excellence portable toilet models, on the other hand, can be considered Thetford’s luxury line, featuring increased comfort, added integrated features, as well as advanced flushing mechanisms.

Read on for more information about Thetford’s Excellence models.


Features of Thetford Excellence Porta Pottis

There are two styles of Thetford Excellence Porta Pottis which differ only by their flushing system.

The first features a piston system while the second is of the electric variety.

Excellence porta pottis are much larger than their Qube counterparts, being rated as “large luxury” and featuring a 21L waste holding tank capacity and a 15L flush-water tank capacity.

In total, the piston system model weighs 5.3 kilograms while the electric version weighs 5.5 kilograms.

Boasting a seating height of 448 mm, the Excellence line is much taller than even the tallest Qube model and additionally features the added benefit of a flush water tank level indicator, something not seen with any prior Qube versions.

Its design has also been modernized, featuring its own custom toilet-paper holder and user-friendly, integrated control panel.



Don’t forget, regardless of which type of porta potti you choose, that each will require at least some amount of maintenance to get your money’s worth.

Be sure to invest in a quality cassette tank cleaner to be used approximately 2-3 times per year and to additionally treat any dry toilet seals with a quality seal lubricant. 



DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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