Thetford Porta Potti Qube

Thetford Porta Potti Qube

A Quick Rundown of Popular Thetford Qube Models

Thetford Corporation is known as the leading manufacturer of mobile sanitation products for vehicles including RVs, boats and trucks.

Priding themselves on creative design skills in conjunction with an ability to predict the market’s needs, Thetford has become renowned in the caravanning realm for their high-quality porta pottis, such as the increasingly popular Qube line.


The Qube 145

The Qube 145 is Thetford’s most basic Qube model.

Weighing 3.6 kilograms and featuring a medium-sized tank with a waste capacity of 12L, the Qube 145 is a lightweight and convenient portable toilet perfect for transporting along your travels.

While it can easily be stowed away under your caravan’s bunks, its small size makes it perfect for tent and car camping too.

The Qube 145’s seating height is advertised as “natural”, measuring approximately 324mm, and the exterior is coated in an attractive white-colored finish.

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The Qube 165

The next step up from the Qube 145 is the Qube 165.

Weighing 3.9 kilograms and featuring a large-sized tank with a waste-holding tank capacity of 21L, the Qube 165 is slightly taller than the 145, with a seating height advertised as 408mm.

Available in both white and ivory, the Qube 165 features a bellow flush mechanism, similar to its ancestral 145 model, as well as an identical flush water tank capacity of 15L.

It should be noted that the ivory models of the Qube 165 feature a waste-holding tank level indicator, while the white models DO NOT.

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The Qube 335

Following the Qube 145 and 165 models is the Qube 335, the smallest Qube model on the market.

The Qube 335 has a few advantages over its predecessors, including an increased comfort level, an extra-small size, and a piston flushing system.

Available in an attractive white finish, the 335 features a waste-holding tank capacity of 10L, a waste-tank level indicator to let you know when the tank needs changing, and a flush-water tank capacity of 10L, all in one convenient, lightweight design weighing only 3.3 kilograms.

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The Qube 345

The final, most advanced, Qube model covered by this article is the Qube 345.

The 345 is similar to the 145 model in size, featuring a seating height of 324 mm, a waste-holding tank capacity of 12L, and a net weight of 3.8 kilograms.

The 345, however, does feature a few improvements on its predecessor.

The comfort rating of the 345 has improved to 2 (as opposed to the comfort rating of 1 attributed to the 145), a piston flushing mechanism was added, improving on the bellow method used by the 145, and a waste tank level indicator was additionally integrated into its design.  

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