Top Caravan Destinations Australia

Top Caravan Destinations Australia

The 3 Bucket List Destinations that Every Australian Caravanner Needs to See

Australia is a country that was seemingly built for caravanning and RVing. With stunning weather, a diverse array of landscapes, and the sort of scenery that is best experienced by driving through it than by flying over it, Australian caravanners are one lucky bunch.

While all of the delights of our country are ‘must-see’, some could be classed as perhaps more ‘must-see’ than others. For any Australian that enjoys rolling around this wide brown land, there are three bucket list destinations that you might consider non-negotiables – they represent the finest caravanning experiences Australia has to offer, and rolling into their respective caravan parks is a rite of passage for any serious Australian caravanner.


The Daintree Rainforest

Far North Queensland can often feel as though you’re driving straight into a postcard. And perhaps the best example of this picture-perfect beauty is the Daintree Rainforest.
Imagine a china-white strip of sand, bordered to one side by the fluorescent coral of the Great Barrier Reef, and to the other by the vibrant ecosystem of the Daintree rainforest. It appears that Mother Nature is quite the sandwich maker.
The Daintree has existed for over 150 million years, making it the oldest tropical rainforest on earth. In that time it has developed a personality all of its own. The wealth and diversity of the plant and animal life is astounding, and there’s no better way to experience it than by towing a caravan, giving yourself the opportunity to sleep in this prehistoric wilderness.
And when the hustle and bustle of the rainforest gets a bit too much, find yourself a private beach cove, strap on a snorkel and go for a look at the largest living structure in the world – the Great Barrier Reef.

The Kimberleys

In a country defined by its isolation, the Kimberleys are about as isolated as you can get. But if you have the means and the resolve to get there, the area will pay your efforts back ten-fold.
The Kimberleys are located in the Northern reaches of Western Australia, an area renowned for its rugged mountains and deep and dramatic gorges. You’ll also be treated to the parched landscapes of the Great Sandy Desert, and great chunks of coastline that you won’t have to share with another soul.
The hub of Broome can serve as a launching pad to your Kimberley adventures, giving you the opportunity to explore the surrounding coastline, or head inland to be wowed by the Ord or Fitzroy rivers. The Geikie Gorge and Purnululu National Parks provide stunning glimpses of what pre-colonised Australia looked like – and land that was raw, intimidating and unforgiving.
Home to an extreme monsoon climate, the Kimberleys can only be seriously tackled during the dry months in the middle of the calendar year (particularly if you’re towing your house behind you).

The Tasmanian Wilderness

For those who are looking for a caravanning experience that is slightly cooler, Tasmania’s rugged wilderness could prove just the ticket. An area that is often ignored – whether for reasons of accessibility or oversight – Tasmania is seen by many as Australia’s hidden caravanning gem.
Whether your interest is in the wilderness, the colonial history, or simply the local delicacies, Tasmania has something to offer everyone. The south-west of the state is occupied by the almost impenetrable Franklin-Gordon and Southwest National Parks, which offer fantastic hiking opportunities to those brave enough to take on the challenge.
The Discover Tasmania website offers a range of self-driving guides that let you figure out which aspects of this incredible part of the world most appeal to you. The convict trail, heritage highway and great eastern routes are three of the best, each offering their own unique take on Australia’s most southern state.
In the Daintree, the Kimberleys and the Tasmanian wilderness you’ve got three of the most diverse, yet three of the most Australian, experiences a caravanner can ask for. They each show a different side of our stunning country, and they’re all sitting right here in our own backyard.
All you have to do is hook on to that towbar, and hit the road.

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