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Caravan RV Camping

Trail A Mate Jack

Emergency repairs, tyre changing, and even hitching your caravan to (or detaching it from) your car, are part and parcel of any road trip. With the right equipment, you can reduce at least some of the associated hassle. 

This innovative product works as a hydraulic jockey wheel which can transform into a solid base jack when required. The 2-in-1 unit is capable of supporting a total weight of 1000kg and is compatible with most standard-height and off-road caravans. Packaging multiple functions into one easy-to-use mechanical device, the Trail-A-Mate kit essentially consists of a hydraulic jack on a shaft, which can be fitted to either a jockey wheel base or a lifting clamp base, depending on the function you want the unit to serve.

A base plate and jacking brackets are provided with the kit, along with a convenient instructions manual that serves as a guide on assembling and disassembling its various configurations. When not in use as a jack, the unit can be refitted with the jockey wheel and attached to the jockey wheel clamp of your caravan’s A-frame. The Trail A Mate has a minimum height of 145mm, which can be extended to a maximum of 780mm by means of its release valve and handle. Spare parts are easily available to replace any of its components.



  • 2-in-1 convertible hydraulic jockey wheel and lifting jack
  • Supports a total safe load of 1000kg
  • Compact, intelligent design that allows for easy assembly and disassembly of parts
  • Can be attached to a caravan’s existing A-frame jockey wheel clamp (50mm), when not in use as a jack
  • Offers generous lifting range of 380mm
  • Supplied as a kit consisting of a hydraulic jack on shaft, jockey wheel base, lifting clamp, base plate and brackets
  • Built with easily replaceable components
  • 12 month warranty



  • WLL: 1000kg load rating
  • Sturdy construction and built to last
  • Comes with a built in safety lock
  • Base plate
  • Lifting clamp
  • Jacking bracket
  • Jacking handle
  • Wheel only
  • Replacement parts are available
  • Suits standard height and offroad models
  • There are 4 positions for the clamp on the 500mm outer shaft plus the lift height of 380mm
  • Suits standard 50mm clamps


Paul's Tips

  • This jack should be used on level and firm ground where possible.
  • It's recommended that the wheels of the caravan be chocked.
  • No person should remain in a caravan supported by a jack.
  • The caravan should be attached to your towing vehicle.
  • No person should place any portion of their body under a caravan supported by the jack only.
  • If you have to work underneath, use support stands as well as your jack. It is not uncommon to be changing tyres or inspecting the undercarriage on the side of roads where conditions will most likely be less than perfect. Unstable, soft or slight gradients can cause your jack to slip or sink - You don't want to be underneath without extra support stands in any case.


Call one of our friendly staff today if you have any questions regarding the Trail-A-Mate Hydraulic Jack 1800 787 278 (1800 RV PARTS).



> Trail-a-mate Jockey Wheel / Hydraulic Jack - User Manual

> Trail-a-mate Jockey Wheel / Hydraulic Jack - Demonstration Video



Trail-a-mate hydraulic jockey wheel and jack

By: on 10 December 2018
The trail a mate was an excellent purchase as it has made the job of hooking up etc so much easier. Saves the back . Easy to use. Would recommend to anyone looking for this type of product . An extra tip would be to order jack cover at the same time.


By: on 28 November 2018
Quality product

Trail a mate just Awesome

By: on 27 November 2018
Could not be more happy with my purchase. Gives the van stability and doubles as a car jack. Very sturdy and well built. Easy to use once you have figured where it slots in best. Great item and highly recommended

Trailer Mate

By: on 21 October 2018
A really good product which has made it so much easier putting the caravan on and off the tow vehicle, very happy

Trail a mate hydraulic jockey wheel and jack.

By: on 25 September 2018
Brilliant. Have used it on a number of occasions already. i may be able to caravan a lot longer now it is easy.

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Q) Can I use the Trail A Mate Jack and Jockey wheel with my Caravan?  

Yes, the trail a mate is suitable for any piece of equipment or trailer that uses a standard jockey wheel.  This includes Caravans, Poptops, Campertrailers, Horse Floats, Boats and anything thing else that is towable and uses a standard jockey wheel. A standard clamp comes with the trail a mate that can be bolted or welded to your drawbar for new installations, otherwise simply use your existing jockey wheel clamp for your new trailer mate making installation quick and easy with a simple swap. 

Q) How and where do the lifting point brackets for the trail a mate fit to my Caravan? 

A) The trail a mate brackets can be welded to your chassis cross member usually to the rear of the axle to be used as a lifting point to change your tyres. One bracket per side is suitable for both single and tandem axles.  Most manufactures build there chassis to accomodate a lifting point directly behind the rear axle, and some manufacturers are even providing the trail-a-mate specific bracket as standard. 

Q) If I purchased a trail a mate jockey wheel, do I need to purchase a trail a mate jack as well? 

A) No, the Trail-A-Mate is designed to be used as a jockey wheel and a jack saving you precious space having to carry only the one item. Generally when you need to change a tyre, your caravan or trailer will be attached to your vehicle allowing you to use the trail-a-mate as a jacking device.   

Q) What size Trail-A-Mate do I need to lift my 6m Caravan with an ATM of 2900kg? 

A) The standard 1000kg.  When you lift the wheels of the ground you are lifting approx 1/3 of the weight of the Caravan off the ground.  So if your Caravan weight is over 2900kg we would recommend the MKII 1500kg. For all other caravans, trailers, horse floats under 2900kg in total weight, the 1000kg trail a mate jack will be suitable.  

Q) How high can the traila mate lift or extend? 

A) 350mm extension. The Trail-A-Mate can lift from as low as 150mm off the ground to a height of 500mm in one extension.     

Q) Is the trail a mate a back saving device? 

A) Yes this can be considered a backsaving device - especially when hitching and unhitching your trailer or caravan. The rotating action of a normal jockey wheel can be very painful for those with back problems. The trail-a-mate linear pumping action limits the rotating and twisting of your back, and the use of hydraulic actuation makes it a little easier physically to lift and lower compared to a normal jockey wheel. One pump of the trail-a-mate is equivalent to 3-4 winds of a normal jockey wheel which reduces the repititiveness and duration of physical excersion whilst hitching up your caravan.  To un-hitch, you simply release the valve on the trailamate allowing it to retract automatically under its own weight requiring no effort at all compared to winding a normal jockey wheel all the way down.      

Q) Does the trail a mate eliminate the need for climbing in underneath the caravan when changing a tyre? 

A) Yes the Trail-A-Mate is designed to be operated from the standing position on the outside of the caravan.  This makes it a lot easier and a lot safer to change a change a tyre.  


Caravan RV Camping

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