36V AC to DC Chargers

36V AC to DC Chargers

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Invicta 20Amp 36V AC Lithium Battery Charger

Invicta 20Amp 36V AC Lithium Battery Charger

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It’s not often you need a 36V battery charger, but when you do, you can’t go past the Enerdrive 36V industrial battery charger. In one word – this charger is a BEAST! It can power electrical vehicles including fork lifts, floor cleaners, golf carts and even mobility scooters. If that doesn’t make you want to buy one, wait until you see the rest of the features!

A 36V Battery Charger Made Tough

Enerdrive’s 36V Battery Charger is built with industrial applications in mind. It will withstand vibration and exposure to dust or moisture typically found in on-board or industrial applications. But it still has all the high-quality innovation you’d expect from Enerdrive, such as Charge Algorithm updates and downloadable charger data logs easily accessible on a USB stick.


This 36V battery charger suits more than 90% of batteries on the market today, thanks to over 25 algorithms to choose from. Better still – it can create full custom algorithms to suit ANY type of lead acid battery. No matter your battery, charging happens quickly and carefully, maximising battery performance and life. What more could you ask for from a charger?


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