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Caravan Storage and Accessories

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Being organised on your adventures doesn't need to be hard! Buy a caravan storage box from NOMAD, Thule or Aussie Traveller and you’ll never search for things again.


Keep Everything Handy In A Caravan Storage Box

Find a caravan storage box for almost everything you can think of in our range. Check out the Thule Go Box for no-fuss storage – it’s made from water resistant material, easy to clean and folds away easily when not in use. You’ll find a wide range of boxes in all different shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Wherever you want to store items, you can be sure they will be safe and secure in a caravan storage box, and most important – they will stay where you left them!

Keep all your camping kitchen items together in a caravan storage box. Then when you want to cook in the great outdoors, you can easily take out the storage box and set up under your awning. Shoes can be kept together in a caravan storage box, keeping the grime out of the way. You can even fill a caravan storage box with handy tools – so in an emergency all you need to do is a grab the box and know everything is in one place. Shop our range of caravan storage boxes today.

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