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Narva 'Pulse' II LED Flange Strobe, Amber
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Looking for good quality emergency lights? The emergency light range by Narva is built tough for industrial, mining and construction applications.

Narva Emergency Lights

Australian owned brand Narva is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of automotive lighting and electrical components, and their emergency lights are proof of their quality designs. 

We offer a wide range of Narva emergency lights for various applications – road maintenance vehicles, refuel, repair or towing vehicles, traffic signalling vehicles, and many more. Anything that needs warning lights to be seen to alert other cars and people and get to where they need to go quickly.


Choose lights with a slim profile which reduces the risk of the lights being hit on low overhanging branches or buildings, making them ideal for trucks, vans or tall 4WD vehicles. Need a rotating beacon? We sell beacons with a magnetic or flange base to suit your needs.


For industrial and mining environments, choose beacons with different flash patterns. These beacons are designed for vibration resistance and heat dissipation, so you know they will last the distance. Narva’s lights boast long operating hours, thanks to the high-performance LEDs.


Shop our wide range of emergency lights by Narva.


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