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Make accessing your fridge a whole lot easier and minimise wear and tear on your cooler with a camping fridge stand. Getting your hands on a cold drink at the campsite has never been so easy!


Why Buy A Camping Fridge Stand?

A camping fridge stand is an essential accessory for campers who don’t have their fridge mounted on a slide. Firstly, it helps you access food and drink easily and comfortably – no need to bend down every time you need a drink! Secondly, a camping fridge stand minimises wear and tear on your portable fridge by lifting it off the dusty ground. 

Camping Fridge Stand Designed for Adventures

We stock a wide range of stands by top brands including Dometic, so you know they are built to last. The Dometic camping fridge stand is constructed from a strong aluminium frame for extra safety, strength and stability. Plus, it folds down easily into a neat carry bag for easy storage. Check the weight of your fridge to ensure you buy the right stand. The Dometic stand will support up to 80kg and is suitable for the Dometic Cool freeze and CFX range.


Browse our portable fridge accessories by Dometic, Engel, Bushman and Evakool.


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