12V Inverter Chargers


Get all the advantages of an inverter and charger in one package with a 12V inverter charger. A 12V inverter charger will convert AC power to DC power or vice versa depending on the application. The best part is you have the convenience of easy installation and saving space you in tight spaces like caravans, boats and RVs.  


Why You Need A 12V Inverter Charger

A 12V inverter charger can charge your battery bank with power from solar or a generator, and provide power to run caravan electronics from your batteries. You get the best of both worlds!

In Inverter mode, DC power from batteries is converted into AC power for appliances. Then in, Standby / Charger Mode, the unit operates as a battery charger to convert incoming AC power (from solar or the grid) into DC to charge the battery.


Enerdrive And Victron 12V Inverter Chargers

Get proven reliability with our range of Victron and Enerdrive 12V inverter chargers. Both brands are known for their sophisticated features such as remote monitoring via the internet. You also get adaptive charge technology and a high-speed AC transfer switch, so you don’t have to manually turn the inverter charger on and off like a standard inverter.

Choose from 12V inverter chargers in a range of inverter outputs and charger outputs to suit nearly any application.