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Dometic RUA 8408X 224 Litre 3-Way UES Fridge/Freezer
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Caravan 3 way Fridge - Largest Capacity over 200L 

Keep your drinks cool and your food fresh, even while off the grid, check out range of larger capacity 3 way fridges.  Designed to run of gas, 12volt or 240volt, you have got the convenience of choosing the best method to suit your needs.  These 3 way caravan fridges use the absorption method to keep your food and drinks cold and can be an economical and very quiet way to run your fridge.

Running your 3 way Caravan Fridge off Gas, 12volt or 240volt

The 3 way absorption fridge does not have a compressor at all to move the refrigerant around the system.  It moves the refrigerant around by boiling the liquid solution, turning it to gas which forces it through various heat exchangers to leave you with a cool solution.  The solution can be boiled by 1) a gas pilot light, 2) a 12volt element or 3) a 240volt element depending on your preffered or available power source.    

What is the best 3 way Caravan Fridge available? 

Take the guess work out of buying your caravan fridge..... Compare them side by side with all the dimensions and specifications in the one place with our Comparison chart for Caravan Fridges. 

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