Camec’s RV Washing Machine Options

If you’re the type of camper who rejoices at off-roading adventures and loves to live “off-the-grid”, you likely understand how valuable simple comforts, like clean clothes and hot water, can be. Some people jet from location to location and stay at areas equipped with bathroom and laundry facilities. 

For the off-roading caravan camper, however, things are not always that easy. They are the ones required to find alternative solutions to their everyday needs, such as washing clothes in a nearby lake or stream, have a on board desalination plant to apply filtered water to a bucket or laundry tub to get the laundry done whilst upon their travels.

This, however, can get old very quickly. If you’re sick of your clothes not having that freshly watched scent and feel, or are just tired of washing items in the lake, then this article, provided by Caravan RV Camping, is for you. The following few paragraphs will be going over Camec-branded washing machine models, in particular.


The Camec Reputation

With over half a century of experience in the caravanning industry, Camec is a well-known brand in the caravan camping world.Praised for a combination of high-quality products with a variety of models, Camec has manufactured a large number of camping products and accessories, including (but not limited to): air conditioners, solar panels, icemakers, and fridges.As mentioned, however, this article will be focusing on Camec’s washing machine lines, in particular.


Camec’s 2.5, 3 and 4.0kg Washing Machine Models

Advertised under Camec’s “Compact RV line” are the three most popular Camec washing machine models:

  • A top-loading, 2.5kg model
  • A top loading, 3kg model
  • A front-loading, 4.0kg model


Camec Compact RV Washing Machine 2.5kg

Clothes washing whilst caravanning will no longer be a problem with the Camec Compact 2.5kg washing machine, designed with RVs, motor homes, campers and caravans in mind. This fully automatic top loading washing machine handles variable loads without consuming more than 20 litres of water, even on its highest water level setting. Thanks to its sophisticated features and modes of operation, this machine can execute 7 different washing programs, all of which can be accessed through a user-friendly interface with a convenient blue LED equipped display.
The Camec compact washing machine handles wash loads up to 2.5kg, and offers spin cycle speeds of 900 RPM. Managing to be compact at the same time, measuring just over 400mm in width and depth, and 640mm in height. Weighing in at just 16kg when empty, this washing machine is one of the lightest options available for motor homes or caravans. A perfect basic piece of equipment to accompany you on your road trip, offering excellent performance for its low power consumption (only 235 watts). The Camec Compact 2.5kg top loading RV washing machine is covered by a 1 year warranty.


Camec 3kg Compact RV Washing Machine

The new 3kg Camec Washing Machine is the first Caravan top loader washing machine to offer a hot water option. With a 3kg load capacity, 6 wash program options, LED cicle time display, stainless steel tub & light weight feature this is sure to become one of the best options in the Caravan & RV industry. Well done Camec we are so excited to introduce this item into our range, we hope you are too. Our Favourite Feature - the LED light inside the tub drum. Perfect for those dim lit RV laundry cupboards.


Camec Front Loader Washing Machine 4kg

A top-of-the-line washing machine custom built for use in motor homes, caravans and RVs, the Camec Compact 4kg front loading machine leaves nothing to be desired, at least as far as doing laundry while on the road is concerned. Offering as many as 15 different wash cycles, fully automatic operation, and extremely low water consumption, this machine effortlessly simulates the experience of doing your laundry from the convenience of your home. The Camec Compact 4kg washing machine only needs to be connected to a cold water supply in order to work, though a hot water wash option can also be availed of, thanks to a convenient inbuilt heating element.

The intelligent design of the Dometic front loading machine makes it sensitive to water and electricity consumption, while simultaneously allowing the user complete control over its settings. The machine can manually be set to operate at variable speeds ranging from 400 to 1000 RPM, and at variable water levels (also automatically adjustable). The user can also opt for a bi-directional wash cycle. Other enhanced features such as a delicate skin wash mode make the Camec Compact 4kg washing machine a state-of-the-art appendage in your motor home. The machine is covered by a 1 year warranty.


If your still undecided on what size RV washing machine to purchase please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff on 1800 787 278 or