Alarms & Anti Theft

Alarms & Anti Theft

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Protect your loved ones and prized possessions with a caravan alarm system. Your RV, caravan or camper trailer is valuable – especially when you count the appliances and goods inside. A caravan alarm system can stop thieves in their tracks so you can enjoy your adventure without trouble. 



Get Peace of Mind with A Caravan Alarm System

Leaving your caravan for a while? Even with the best door and window locks, you are at risk of theft. But a caravan alarm system can deter a thief by making the job of stealing more difficult and draw attention to the would-be crime. Simply lock up your caravan as normal, turn on the system and know that your beloved mobile home is protected.


Caravan Alarm Systems You Can Trust

It is important to choose a caravan alarm system from a reputable brand, which is why we only stock the best brands including WiTi and Milenco. Choose the right option for your caravan and budget. WiTi offers Australia's most advanced anti-theft system for caravans and trailers fitted with electric brakes. Because WiTi is sensitive to movement, in the event an attempt is made to steal or break into a caravan or trailer, the Anti-Theft alarm will sound, lights will flash, and brakes will lock so the vehicle becomes immobilised. For a budget-friendly option, Milenco offers a simple to fit and highly effective alarm. It even features a Panic setting – press the lock button on the remote for 5 seconds and the siren will sound, and the LED will flash for 30 seconds.