Camec Pop-Top Cover C16PCV 14'-16' (4.3m-4.8m)

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Caravan RV Camping

Camec 14-16ft Pop Top Caravan Cover - 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty! 

Provide your caravan with the protection that it deserves, with this high quality, heavy duty and practical pop-top cover from Camec. Compatible with pop-tops measuring between 14 and 16 feet in length, this cover is optimised to shield your caravan against every variety of climatic condition.
Its UV stabilised design prevents harsh sunlight from ageing your caravan’s fabrics prematurely. A 100% waterproof roof panel ensures that rain, snow and even acid rain does not damage the body of the pop-top. This waterproof panel is backed up by water resistant side panels that are additionally breathable to allow for moisture evaporation, leading to a mildew free caravan.
The Camec pop-top cover is heavy duty but lightweight, and sports a non-abrasive, soft inner lining. It makes for an easy installation process, achieving a snug fit over any pop-top of a compatible size, through convenient dual clip nylon straps that are provided at the front and rear faces. These straps tighten and secure any loose fabric, preventing the cover from flapping or billowing. Intelligently designed, the Camec pop-top cover features extra reinforced corners with double stitching to withstand wear and tear. It also comes with a heavy duty skirt to provide additional protection at the base of the caravan. 
  • Designed for pop-tops measuring 14-16ft in length
  • Protects your motorhome from moisture damage, acid rain, harsh sunlight, wind, dust and pollutants
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • 100% waterproof roof section repels water
  • Water resistant sides, with additional breathability for mildew prevention
  • Durable build with double stitched and extra reinforced corners
  • Fitted with a reinforced, heavy duty skirt to protect the base of the pop-top
  • Dual clip nylon straps at the front and rear for secure fastening of the cover
  • Lightweight, easy to install and remove, and equipped with a soft, non-abrasive inner lining



  • Made to fit 14ft - 16ft pop top caravans (4.3m - 4.8m)
  • 100% waterproof roof



​Measure your caravan at it's longest point, excluding rear bumper & spare wheel. Camec covers are designed to accomodate all rooftop accessories eg:  airconditioners & solar panels. 

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Caravan RV Camping

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