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Truma Aventa Mark 2 Air Conditioner + ADB

Truma Aventa Mark 2 Air Conditioner + ADB

$2,099 $2,699

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Large Caravan and Motorhome Reverse Cycle Roof Top Airconditioners.

As far as Caravan Acessories go, the roof top Air Conditioner is general is by far the most popular addition to your home away from home.  Finding the right Air Conditioner for your caravan or motorhome can be the difference between a comfortable nights sleep leaving you nice and refreshed for the days activities ahead, and an unbearable sleepless night caused by the varying and sometimes extreme weather conditions Australia is quite renowned for.  


Make sure your RV air conditioner is capable to perform in the ambient temperatures that you will travelling to - expect from sub zero to 45 degrees plus temperatures depending on which parts of Australia you intend on visiting. 

Check out the Inverter Type Airconditioners from Dometic which are taking the RV industry by storm with its large capacity cooling and heating output with minimal power consumption compared to other Air Conditioners on the market.  The Dometic Harrier is so far the only inverter type Air Conditioner on the market for the RV industry and boasts the impressive ability to run off a 2000w Generator.