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There are many reasons you may need a reliable type of sealant for your caravan. Dicor Lap Sealant has a flexible design allowing it to be used to seal fiberglass, EPDM rubber, steel, masonry, wood, or even aluminum. After an outer skin has been formed the sealant can be painted over.



  • Can be painted over when dry
  • Colour: White
  • Flexible for use with many materials
  • 11oz cartridge

Warranty Period: 1 Year

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dicor Lap sealant 502

By: on 4 December 2021

this is a brilliant product for sealing around Skylights, vents, air cons.the edges of Awnings and hatches etc on caravan and Motor home roofs. It works better on horizontal surfaces as it is a self levelling product. I have used the 502 on a number of occasions and i'm happy with the results

Decor self levelling 502

By: on 29 October 2021

This product is excellent for horizontal sealing around domes and skylights. Once set it will seal out moisture on your caravan or motorhome, providing the area is clean and dry. I always have this sealant on hand. Check product information details before using on vertical joins and surfaces. Yes I would buy this product again.

Great product

By: on 28 March 2020

I was sceptical that it would be possible to buy a product that would effectively waterproof my caravan roof around a new shower hatch. This actually is a good as it claims to be. The secret to success though is cleanliness. I cannot empathise enough the need to be scrupulously clean around the removal of all the old sealant from the original installation once that is completed pre-mark where the new hatch is going so you place it back in the right place once the no going back part starts. Be doubly sure you have considered everything is ready for permanent and final install. I strongly suggest using the mastic sealing tape Caravan RV sell separately under the flange of the hatch in the joining surfaces, only use quality stainless steel screws. Do not over tighten the screws, when the tape starts the bulge out under the flange when tightening the screws all round evenly stop tightening. Cut off surplus mastic ( use the edge of a putty knife or the likes but not anything real sharp) and use the off cut to fill any dubious gaps. Again clean around with metho and let dry. Ok this is it, cut the nozzle to be about a 8mm hole on about a 30 deg slope. Start at the most disadvantaged spot and apply slowly and evenly directly above the outside rim of the hatch’s flange if not a little bias to the flange side of the joint. This sealant will flow to a small extent but not heaps, if you can do this on a hot day in full sun all the better. Don’t be mean with the product, try to be even and smooth in the application. You need to be all the way round a back to the starting point in less than 10 minutes other wise the first applied product will start to skin over and may not bond together. Look for anywhere the seal looks thin as it flows out and if you are unsure place another bead over the top remember this product actually flows out, don’t panic about the finished look the important thing is the be sure the whole joint is a consistent thickness as near as your skill level allows it to be. When your done your done leave it alone once it start to skin over there’s nothing more to do walk away. I have since had the van out in rain of over 100mm in an hour and my seal is actually better that the original. In short this is a very good product, it only works on horizontal applications because of the flowing action and in a vertical situation it would simple run off. I may add my hatch was about 400mm square and one tube did it comfortably, if the hatch was bigger I would suggest having two tubes, if you throw away half a tube so be it it’s better than running out.

Would be better with a replaceble spout

By: on 13 March 2020

self levelling a good product

Lap sealer

By: on 23 January 2019

This product is perfect for resealing the hatch and any corners or overlapping joints on the top of a caravan, the finish it leaves is smooth and factory like.

Lap sealer

By: on 24 December 2018

Great product for roofs, easy to apply , great finish.

the right product delivered promptly.

By: on 10 October 2018

excellent for sealing off roof vents and other roof fittings, flows on nice to give a professional finish.