Dometic RM2356 95 Litre UES 3-Way Fridge
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Dometic RM2356 95 Litre UES 3-Way Fridge

Caravan Fridge

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Dometic RM2356 95 Litre 3 Way Fridge 

556 (W) x 766 (H) x 577 (D)mm


Hit the Road with the NEW Dometic RM2356 95Lt UES 3-Way Fridge with Universal Energy Selection. Dometic Australia has released the newest in their range of mobile absorption refrigeration with the 95 litre RM 2356 three-way upright refrigerators using the latest in Dometic technology.

The RM 2356 is ideal for caravans, motorhomes and campers that require a compact upright absorption fridge with a large internal capacity of 95 litres with a three cubic foot cut out. On top of the compact design, the RM 2356 is super convenient with the ability to run off three power supplies by using the new Universal Energy Selection (UES) control system.

Dometic’s superior absorption technology is completely silent allowing the traveller to sleep in peace when taking their RM 2356 on the road. The UES control system allows a greater internal capacity of the RM 2356 and still fits in a three cubic foot installation cut out so this fridge is perfect for stocking up on more food and drinks on your trip without sacrificing space. 


The Dometic RM2356 fridge has the same dimensions as the popular RM2350 model, but offers two main points of difference:

  1. The RM2356 is a 'UES model' so it has auto energy selection, whereas the RM2350 is manual only. The UES feature means the fridge will automatically select the most suitable energy source.
  2. The RM2356 has slightly more capacity, being 95 litres, whereas the RM2350 is a 90 litre fridge.



  • New patented UES (Universal Energy Selection) control system
  • Switchable to either MES or AES function
  • Upgrade your vehicle to AES later, then just reset the control to suit AES
  • User friendly control panel featuring LED indicator lights
  • Same cut out size as most 3 cubic foot models but 10% bigger inside
  • T-rated performance 
  • Universal LP Gas compatible
  • Easy changing of the door from left to right with the included hinge kit
  • Easy access to internal freezer compartment
  • Quick and easy removal of shelves
  • Generous door and wall insulation for greater performance
  • Self-draining drip tray
  • Lower door shelf has anti-bottle fingers
  • Easy to clean white interior
  • Stylish external black trim
  • Change the door face to suit the décor without removing the door
  • NO internal light 



  • Total Capacity: approx. 95L (including freezer compartment freezer compartment)
  • Freezer Capacity: 11L
  • Power: 12v or 240v or LPG Gas
  • Input Consumption Rating: 240 volts - 175 watts, 12 volts - 175 watts, Gas - 13.5 g/h
  • Dimensions: 556mm (W) x 766mm (H) x 577mm (D)
  • Cut-out Dimensions Required: 521mm (W) x 756mm (H) x 542mm (D)
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Colour: Stylish external black trim
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: industry leading 3yr manufactuer's warranty
  • NOTE: additional 2yr extended warranty can be purchased through Dometic Care


Additional Information: 

  • Please click on the below INSTALLATION MANUAL for recommendations on appropriate fitting accessories to go with the refrigerator (and advice on optimal ventilation set-up).
  • This product needs to be installed and certified by a qualified and licensed gas-fitter, as improperly or illegally installed products will void the manufacturer’s warranty, and could pose a safety risk.
  • This product is primarily designed with gas operation in mind; they provide exceptional efficiency when running on gas. However for 12 Volt operation, this is only recommended with absorption fridges when the vehicle is running, otherwise it can exhaust your 12 volt power source (battery) very quickly.


**NOTE: These fridges supercede the Dometic RM2355 fridge model** 
More space efficient, the RM2356 features a larger capacity than the RM2355 but with a slightly smaller overall physical size.


Not what you're looking for? Feel free to browse the rest of our range of Dometic Fridges3 Way Fridges & Caravan Fridges - For any further information or to speak our fridge experts dial -1800 RV PARTS

SKU RM2356

Brand Dometic

GTIN 6951218413981

Product Category Upright RV Absorption Fridges

Total Capacity 95 Litres

Fridge Width 556 mm

Fridge Height 766 mm

Fridge Depth 577 mm

Cut Out Required: 521 x 756 x 542 mm (W x H x D)

Weight: 28 Kg

Freezer Compartment: 11 Litres

Power Consumption: 240 Volts, 12 Volts; 175 Watts. Gas; 13.5g/h.


Gas Certification Number:GMK10710

Certified By:IAPMO

NOTE: see full product specifications & further product info in the Description section on this page.

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Warranty Details: Please CLICK HERE for Warranty Information on this product

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By: on 10 February 2022

Very happy with this product

Dometic fridge

By: on 3 January 2022

We used this fridge recently on our camping holiday. It worked very well. Even in outside temperatures in the low 30ties the fridge was still making ice. We used it on LPG only during our holiday. A small draw back is that it does need 12V DC to operated the controls. We are happy with the performance of this fridge.

Dometic 2356

By: on 1 August 2021

Great fridge. Fitted easily into the same space as old fridge but has more internal space. Much easier to use then old fridge as well. Very happy with purchase.

Great 3-way Fridge

By: on 16 July 2021

Good looking fridge which works well. Delivered quickly.

replacement fridge for van

By: on 20 June 2021

the dometic rm2356 95 ltre 3 way fridge ,great fridge works well fitted in the caravan well , it was ,also at a great price

Replacement Fridge

By: on 9 February 2019

This was purchased as a replacement for our old Dometic fridge RM2310 which is no longer available. This is almost exactly the same size and fitted without any cabinet work being required. The only new work required was to provide 12vDC from the house battery for the control circuitry. I purchased a cooling fan kit intending to install this behind the fridge but discovered the new fridge now comes with a fan already mounted on it. I have not yet been on a trip with it but it seems to operate very well as I tried it on a hot day. However the power On/Off button seems to be a bit dicey at the moment but I hope this will not be a problem in the future.

Great fridge and great service!

By: on 8 November 2018

We bought the RM2356 to replace our RM2350. The new fridge fits the same space, is tropical rated and everything is so cold. The team at caravanrvcamping were very helpful and delivery only took 4 days to arrive in Cairns QLD

Great fridge, faaaaaast delivery!

By: on 3 April 2018

Great fridge that was reasonably straightforward to install as a replacement in a late 1980s van. Only minor changes from the original hookup - including the gas. Runs like a charm and everything was C.O.L.D. even with the van well off level. The delivery was super fast - ordered on a Sunday and it arrived in Melbourne on the following Wednesday morning!! Bloody awesome all round.

  • How often do I need to service my Dometic RV/Caravan appliances?

    Dometic recommend servicing their gas appliances on a yearly basis, even if the vehicle has not been used. Additionally, bear in mind that insects can built nests in the gas appliances which will cause the appliances to stop working. It can also cause potentially dangerous scenarios.

    For other appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, to ensure the appliances to work efficiently and last longer it is recommended to clean the condenser. 

  • What do I need to know about installing an absorption gas fridge in my Caravan?

    To ensure the correct fittings and ventilation set-up for the specific absorption fridge model, please see the link to the INSTALLATION GUIDE/MANUAL in the Product Description.

    A 3-Way absorption refrigerator requires to be installed and certified by a qualified and licensed gasfitter. Illegal or improperly installed absorption fridge will void the manufacturer�s warranty and could pose a safety risk.

  • I want to run my absorption on 12v power source, is this ok?

    An absorption 3-way fridge is designed to be run on gas as a power source. This means that gas will be the most efficient power source.

    It is only recommended to use the 12-volt setting on an absorption fridge when the vehicle is running. Otherwise, the 12-volt can exhaust the power source (the battery) very fast. It is important to remember this when you have parked and turned off your vehicle!

  • I’m looking for a Caravan Fridge: would you recommend an absorption (gas) fridge, or a compressor (12v) fridge?

    This depends on what you expect of your trip and what is important for you.

    Choose an absorption fridge if:

    • You are free camping for extended periods.
    • You want a fridge to run from your gas bottle.

    Free campers often choose a 3-way model so that they do not have to worry about enough battery power during their prolonged trips away. However, remember that they are not designed to be running on 12V for an extended period, it is only for while the vehicle is running.

    Choose a compressor fridge if:

    • You prefer consistent cooling capacity on your fridge.
    • You require a fridge with high efficiency on battery power.
    • You will require an efficient cooling capacity in hot climate.

    The leading brand within compressor fridges are Dometic Waeco, Bushman, Evakool and Engel. All these brands are high quality RV fridges that can provide a desired temperature quickly.

    We have found that compressor fridges are becoming more trendier compare to the absorption fridge. Many of our customers choose to replace their old 3-way absorption fridge to a new 12V compressor fridge. With today�s improvements in solar and battery performance, you can run your 12V compressor fridge very efficiently and will keep your food & drinks very cool.

  • How does the RM2356 fridge model compare with the RM2350 model?

    The Dometic RM2356 fridge has the same dimensions as the popular RM2350 model.

    The RM2356 is, however, a 'UES model' so it has auto energy selection, whereas the RM2350 is manual only. The UES feature means the fridge will automatically select the most suitable energy source.

    The RM2356 also has a slightly larger capacity, at 95 litres, whereas the RM2350 is a 90 litre fridge.