Solar Calculator

Average Watts Per Hour System Voltage Average Amp Draw Per Hour (Ah)
Appliances Average Amp Draw Per Hour (Ah) Hours Run Per Day Daily Consumption
Total Daily Consumption
Location (Sun Hours) Solar Panel Output (Amps)* Number of Solar Panels Total Amp Yields Per Day
Daily Power Draw On Battery Bank
Battery Bank Size (Amp hours) Battery Type Usable Battery Bank Hours* Days With Power**


The calculator below will tell you how long you can travel off-grid if solar is not available

Autonomy (it's raining/no sun):

*Based on industry standard

**You will be able to camp off-grid indefinitely provided there is sufficient sunshine


  • Solar power calculator assumes 12V solar panels are connected in parallel.
  • Please note, amp hours in this calculator have been rounded to the nearest whole number.
  • Need help choosing an inverter? Check out our blog.