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Caravan RV Camping


Truma Gas Heater 

The Truma Vario Eco Gas heater is the highest rated recreational gas heater on the market. Powered by LPG gas and ignited by a 12-volt ignition this lightweight compressed unit is proving to be the only option when searching for the warmth in the cooler months.

Given the Truma Vario has more bells and whistles than you can poke a stick at, it will deliver warmth to your RV in the matter of minutes from initial start-up, enable the user to select multiple functions for different outputs and personalised requirements.

The Truma Vario is a high-performance ducted air heater manufactured to suit applications such as caravans, RVs, motor homes, horse floats, dog grooming trailers and much more. Truma Has designed this into a small, compact and convenient unit that makes installation a very simple and cost-effective procedure.

The Truma Vario Package also includes a 12-volt LCD control panel enabling the user to operate the system at the touch of your fingertips making it very simple to adjust and complete your desired requirements. The Vario implements a fully automatic thermostat with controlled shut down delivering the user the perfect conditions you come to expect from such a futuristic heating unit.

The Most Popular Caravan Gas Heater On The Market 

Most RV heaters in today’s market are big and bulky, have high running costs and chew through your battery power in the matter of hours. The Truma Vario has a 95% rate of natural gas efficiencies, low emissions and minimal battery consumption therefor making it one of the most desired efficient air heater's in the industry.

For those who wake at the snap of a twig, its soundless operation ensures for a quiet and cosy night’s sleep all year round. The Varios compressed slimline design makes it compatible to install into almost every application possible, thus making it a cost-effective option when the labour component is added.

Installation is very simple, although it is recommended to have a qualified and licenced tradesman complete the job. The Truma Vario is also stamped with the AGA approval for peace of mind. If you’re in the market for an efficient, cost effective gas air heater, you can’t go past the Truma Vario Eco Gas Heater.



  • high powered recreational vehicle heater with two output levels   

  • Lightweight, compact sleek design

  • Even heat dispersed throughtout the vehicles interior via outlets

  • Precise setting via a LCD display 

  • Automatic regulation of the heating output depending on the set temperature       
  • Night mode, for a undisturbed quiet nights sleep
  • Boost mode for quick heating of the vehicle
  • Single outlet kit is inclusive
  • 1 Year warranty
  • The Truma Vario is a direct replacement for the Truma E2400



  • Energy sources - LPG(propane)

  • Heating power: 2708

  • Operating pressure - 2.75 KPA

  • Test point pressure - 2.00 KPA

  • Heat input (gas consumption) - min 4.53 MJ/h (90g/h) max 9.75 MJ/h (193 g / h)

  • Air flow rate - 85 / 175 m3/h

  • Power consumption  (12 V DC) - 0.85 / 3.65A

  • Weight - 5.5 KG

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) - 400 x 284 x 123mm

  • Includes: Main heating unitexhaust duct kit , wall cowl, 1 meter of ducting, swivel air outlet.  Everything you need to install this heater is included in the box for a standard 1 warm air outlet installation.  Additional ducting is available for separate purchase if your ducted outlet requires more than 1m of ducting, or if you require 2 warm air outlets for separate rooms, an additional Warn Air Outlet Ducting Kit is also available for separate purchase.


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Gas Heater

By: on 24 July 2019
Works well. No smell. Not to noisy. If I knew how good it was I would have gotten it sooner

Feedback for Truma Heater

By: on 28 June 2019
The install was a little tight but doable. The output of the heater is excellent and warms the Vantage 2.1 Camper very quickly being such a small space. The package was missing the RJ12 connector but I was able to source one from the supplier. Thank you.

No More Cold Mornings In The Van

By: on 31 May 2019
Super happy with the Truma Vario Eco Gas Heater purchased online from Caravan RV Camping. Had the unit installed before our last trip away and couldn't be happier. The control panel is easy to use and program for an early morning start-up meaning the van is nice and cosy when we wake up. There is a little fan noise but with night mode selected it's not intrusive; definitely quieter than the overhead reverse cycle aircon!

Eco Gas Heater 5*

By: on 3 May 2019
Love it! Quiet Efficient Works well

Truma Vario Eco Gas Heater

By: on 2 April 2019
A very compact unit that is intuitive and easy to operate. Tried it out for the first time yesterday morning after it was fitted into our 21'6" van and was pleased to have clean warm air circulating within seconds.

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Q)    How does the exhaust duct of my Truma Vario Heater be installed and what needs to be considered with the exhaust gas system?

A)    Exhaust ducts should always have a slight incline from the heater towards the cowl, they can not be installed on the annexe side of the Rv and have a firm fixing point when installation is complete.

Q)    Does the Truma Vario LPG heater require maintenance?

A)    Not to a great extent, However heaters that are fan driven with wheel fins are required to be cleaned with a fine paint brush or vacuum cleaner before the cooler months arrive.

Q)    Can i install the Truma heater in an outdoor location, Such as an annex or awning?

A)    No, The Truma Vario is approved only for recreational vehicles. There for installation in an annex or awning is not permitted.

Q)   Can a Truma heater be installed in a demountable office? or relocatable building?

A)   No, Truma heaters are not approved for relocatable / demountable homes or offices as they are only approved for the caravanning and recreational vehicle industry.

Q)   Is the Truma Vario a direct replacement for the Truma E2400?

A)   Yes, the new Truma Vario Eco Gas Heater is a direct replacement for the Truma E2400. The only difference is the actual physical size of the new unit is a fraction larger and a new LCD display board for easy operation. 

Caravan RV Camping

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