48V AC to DC Battery Chargers

48V AC to DC Chargers

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Building a 48V off-grid system? A 48 Volt battery charger is a non-negotiable!

We stock a range of 48 Volt battery chargers from Enerdrive and Victron, which are sure to meet your needs.

What to Look for In A 48 Volt Battery Charger

When buying a battery charger, there are a few boxes you need to tick. Look for a 3-stage automatic battery charger, like the Victron chargers, or even a 4-stage battery charger like Enerdrive ePRO. You will want a 48 Volt battery charger that can precisely adjust the charge voltage to suit any battery system. Especially if your have sealed maintenance-free batteries – they must be charged correctly to ensure long service life. Also, look for a model with an external sensor to measure battery temperature and compensate charge voltage to suit.


Top-Rated Brands for Your Battery Charger

We stock a wide range of Victron and Enerdrive ePRO and ePOWER 48 Volt battery chargers to suit your needs. Industrial, marine, and recreational vehicle power systems – you can be certain we’ve got the right battery charger for you. Need to charge three battery banks at the same time? ePRO battery chargers have it covered. Need to charge batteries in dusty locations? Victron and Enerdrive ePRO will get the job done.


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