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Move your caravan with ease with our range of AL-KO Jockey Wheels. You need to know your jockey wheel is made with quality and ease in mind. You can’t go wrong with jockey wheels from AL-KO, a reputable and well-known caravan accessories brand in the market.


Move Easy With AL-KO Jockey Wheels

Any seasoned caravanner knows that a jockey wheel is an essential accessory to make moving and storing your caravan pain free! That’s why we stock AL-KO jockey wheels. These high-class jockey wheels are designed and tested for the Australasian market. AL-KO jockey wheels are available with and without standard clamps or swivel for ease of use and are suitable for most trailer and caravan applications.

Buy The AL-KO Jockey Wheels for Your Caravan

AL-KO offers a wide range of sizes and load capacities to suit a variety of caravans, trailers, horse floats and more. For a premium product, check out the AL-KO Power Mover, the easy and convenient way to move any caravan or trailer without back breaking effort. The jockey wheel lifts to a height of 840mm and features a ratchet drive mechanism which is strong enough to move caravans, trailers, jet-skis or boats into a tight space with ease. You can even move them up small inclines! Compare AL-KO jockey wheels today.


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