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CTEK Battery Chargers

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If you're looking for an affordable battery charger for your caravan, 4x4, boat or camper trailer, a CTEK battery charger ticks all the boxes.

12V CTEK Battery Charger

Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, a CTEK battery charger is a great way to charge and maintain most 12V batteries from mains 240V power or a generator. Just hook it up and know that it will quickly and accurately recharge your batteries while maximising service life.

Check out the ground-breaking CT5 TIME TO GO CTEK battery charger and maintainer, which answers the all-important question: ‘When will my battery be fully charged?’ No need to keep checking your charger all day! This CTEK battery charger gives you an accurate prediction of the remaining charging time in hours.

A Wide Range of Chargers

With a wide range of battery chargers, you can find CTEK battery chargers compatible with all types of battery and budgets! Every battery charger from this top brand is designed to give you peace of mind that your battery is getting the right amount of charge, whenever it needs, without being damaged from overcharging. 

Keep your battery charged and ready to power up electronics with CTEK battery charger from our range.


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