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The Clipsal brand name first appeared in 1920, when Alfred Gerard developed a range of adjustable, clip-on metal conduit fittings. These products provided Australian electrical contractors with an innovative solution to the long-standing problem of size variations in metal conduits.

The "Clipsal" name was created from the product’s unique ability… it "clips all sizes" was the claim. This was abbreviated to Clipsal - and an iconic brand was born. Under the leadership of Alfred’s son, Geoff, the company spearheaded several manufacturing breakthroughs, including the first all-Australian switch in 1930 and pioneering the use of thermoplastics in 1950.


A Formidable Partnership Begins

At the close of 2003, Clipsal was acquired by Schneider Electric, forming a formidable partnership.

Through Clipsal, Schneider Electric secured market leadership in Australia and the Asia Pacific electrical accessories market.

Conversely, Clipsal gained a major stronghold on the growing integrated control and data communications markets.

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