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Thule Box Awning

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Thule 4200 Cassette Awning
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Thule 4200 Box Awning - Wall Mounted

Thule 4200 replaces the 4900 from the Thule Omnistor awning range and is considered the best wall-mounted awning for compact vans and motorhomes. The range features 2 different colour casings, white or black with lengths available between 2.60m to 4.50m, finished off with Mystic Grey colourway fabric.


Dometic Box Awning PR 2500 - Roof Mounted Manual Wind Out Mechanism

The Dometic Perfect Roof 2500 is one of the lightest roof awnings available for lengths up to 4.5 metres and providing a projection of up to 4.5 metres with manual operation with a telescopic crank delivering the operator an ease of use.  

There is no lighter and more compact roof awning around than the Dometic Perfect Roof PR 2500.  With Dometic's sleek and innovative design of the PR 2500 its roof mounted housing does not affect the vehicles aerodynamics whilst travelling. The awnings end caps are made of 100% aluminium making the awning extra resistant to shock and impact.  A patented locking system on both sides of the front rail ensure perfect closing as well as additional safety while on the road.  The fast and smooth-running gear is operated via a telescopic crank, which can be easily adapted to various vehicle heights.  


Dometic Box Awning PW 1500 - Wall Mounted Manual Wind Out Mechanism

This robust wall awning is ideally suited for large vehicles.  The patented automatic front rail allows it to slide in and out smoothly without any difficulty.  The Design team at Dometic had incorporated heavy duty aluminium end caps for resistance against heavy impact and wear and tear.  With a vast range of varied sizes the Dometic Perfect Wall PW 1500 covers a wide range of recreational vehicles from motorhomes, caravans, bus, truck and trailer.  The high quality single piece awning cloth (vinyl) has no welded seams while its support legs feature the patented easy lock flipper to ensure that no accidental dropping or slippery fingers is possible.  So, if your're in the market for a new wall mounted manual box awning look no further than the Dometic PW 1500.

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