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Enhance your portable cooling system with our range of portable cooling accessories from Close Comfort.

When it comes to cooling down on your travels, Close Comfort has you covered. This Australian-invented technology is designed to cool the person, not the room. Their portable cooling systems use compressor refrigeration, so you feel the refreshing cool air straight away, while all the discomfort from heat and humidity is blown away.


Portable Cooling Accessories

Choose from our range of portable cooling accessories to help you get the best from your portable cooling system. The Cool Focus Enhancer works to diffuse and double the cooling effect of your Close Comfort unit. The nozzle concentrates the cool air flow, while the clear flap works to elevate the air flow’s direction – perfect for when you’re standing or want to feel the cooling effect over a bigger distance.


Want to protect your portable cooling system on the go? A handy carry bag is the ideal solution. Just slip it over the unit and adjust the straps. This bag is strong and durable, so you can be confident it will support the weight of your Close Comfort unit and keep it protected.


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Coolzy Cool Focus Enhancer

Coolzy Cool Focus Enhancer


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Coolzy Igloo Tent

Coolzy Igloo Tent