Camec Caravan Washing Machines – Ending Laundry Woes Worldwide!

For over 40 years, Camec has been providing the caravanning world with a host of useful, durable and intelligently designed appliances and accessories. While the brand’s inventory includes everything from pressure cookers to microwaves, its global popularity can primarily be attributed to its range of premium caravan washing machines. Let’s meet some of the stars in the Camec washing machine line-up!


Camec Compact 2.5kg Top Loading Machine

This starter washing machine is by far the most popular Camec product on the market. The Camec 2.5kg washing machine has a top loading design, compact proportions ideal for a small caravan or trailer, and the durable build and smart design characteristic of all Camec products.

Stylish and sophisticated for its small size, this washer comes with 7 inbuilt wash programmes and a timer function, creating a basic but fully functional laundry setup for your caravan. It is well known for being extremely efficient in terms of power and water consumption. Its water usage amounts to only 15 litres at the lowest setting, maxing out at a mere 20 litres at full capacity. For its affordable price, the Camec 2.5kg washing machine is quite a catch and will serve you in every way needed when it comes to doing your washing whilst out on the open road.


Camec Compact 3Kg Top Load Washing 

The new  3Kg Camec Washing Machine is the first Caravan top loader washing machine to offer a hot water option. With a 3kg load capacity, 6 wash program options, LED cycle time display, stainless steel tub & light weight feature this is sure to become one of the best options in the Caravan & RV industry.

Some other great features the Camec 3Kg washing machine provide are, LED light inside the tub drum perfect for those dim lit RV laundry cupboards, High and low-level adjustments for large and small loads, blue LED display with wash time remaining function, precision stainless steel wash tub, a clothes basket that doubles as a tub stabiliser and also including a travel safety strap for those harsh terrain roads you will encounter upon your travels in the Australian outback. Well done Camec we are so excited to introduce this item into our range, we hope you are too.


Camec Compact 4kg Front Loading Machine

This top-of-the-line Camec washing machine asks for a bigger investment as compared to the other models, but is worth every penny. To begin with, it has a front-loading design that doesn’t require free space on top, and as such, it can be installed even under your caravan’s kitchen counter or work bench. For its 4kg wash load capacity, this machine consumes a surprisingly small amount of water (only 19 litres at its lowest setting), and offers the user a host of customisable features. From the motor speed to the water temperature, to even the direction of spin, there’s a lot that you can set as per your preference. Besides, this intelligent machine comes with a special programme tailored towards washing delicate items of clothing. To cap it all, the 4kg Camec washing machine has its very own heating element, making both hot and cold water washes possible.


Shopping for caravan washing machines can be confusing, but Camec helps keep the process organised. Its pricing is directly proportional to the features and capabilities you can expect. Besides, regardless of make and capacity, every Camec washing machine comes with the added benefit of a 12-month warranty. So, feel free to contact one of our friendly staff on 1800 787 278 or