Carefree Triple Black LED Awning

Carefree Triple Black LED Awnings

The triple black awnings by Carefree come with all the same benefits of the Carefree awnings you know, however they feature black aesthetics. That is they feature black springs, black weatherguard that means the awning rolls up to black as well as a black shale fade canopy, so that when it is rolled out, the canopy has a black balance. The Carefree triple black awnings also feature an LED strip light that is dimmable allowing you to maximise the use of your awning space. The LED lights are bright enough to read by and they look great. You can have friends over for happy hour or stay well into the night should you choose.
The triple black range is available in sizes 11' to 20' with sizes 11'-14' projecting up to 2.21m and the 15'-20' projecting to 2.3m.
The Carefree range of roll out awnings are a simple to use manual, spring loaded roll out awning that features the Weatherguard that Carefree awnings are known for. This weathergurad protects the fabric from the sun, scrapes and exposure once the awning is rolled up.

If you are looking for accessories for your Carefree roll out awning, take a look at our range of privacy and sunscreens, with roll out sunscreens available in sizes 10'-18'. See our privacy screens here.