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RV Media Televisions

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Keep entertained out on the road and stay tuned into your favourite shows with a RV Media TV. RV Media TVs are designed with caravans and RVs in mind, which means they operate on 12V/24V and come with lots of features you’ll love.  


Vibration Resistant TV

When you’re looking for a caravan TV, vibration resistance should be at the top of the list of features. That’s why an RV Media TV is a great pick for your caravan. The 24" Evolution TV by RV Media is built to withstand the vibrations caused by travelling so it lasts longer.

More-in-one TV

When space is an issue, it makes sense to get even more in one TV package. With an RV Media TV, you get standard TV functionality as well as DVD and PVR for pausing live TV and recording shows. Perfect for when you want to enjoy your favourite show or sports after a day of exploring.


Another handy feature is the on-screen low battery voltage warning which prevents damage to your battery, TV and other onboard 12V appliances. You can also connect your RV Media TV to Bluetooth speakers or headphones for improved sound.


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