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Increase the lifespan of your beloved caravan with an ADCO caravan cover. Discover why this range is one of the most popular choices for caravan owners.


Protect Your Investment with An ADCO Caravan Cover

Choose from our range of ADCO caravan covers to help you get more life from your caravan. ADCO caravan covers are an affordable trailer accessory with lots of features to help you significantly increase the lifespan of your camper trailer.

Find ADCO caravan covers for different sized vehicles, including trailers measuring between 10-12 feet, 12-14 feet and 14-16 feet in external length.

With ADCO’s trademark multi-layered Dupont Tyvek and polypropylene design, you’ll soon discover why it’s the most popular camper trailer cover brand globally. 


Designed to Withstand Australian Conditions

Easy to use and affordable, ADCO camper trailer covers are designed and made to protect your camper trailer from harsh temperatures, dust, wind, rain, tree sap, snow, mould and mildew. So, wherever you park your caravan in-between adventures, you can be sure it’s protected.


These covers block 99.8% of harmful UV rays, stopping your trailer’s surfaces and furnishings from fading before time. They also promote air circulation to prevent mould and mildew while your caravan is in storage.


Shop ADCO caravan covers and camper trailer covers online now.


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