What's the Point of Caravan Wheel Covers?

What's the Point of Caravan Wheel Covers?

When faced with an endless list of caravan accessories to buy before you can head out on your first road trip, some reluctance to invest in yet another piece of protective gear is understandable. And when it comes to something like a set of wheel covers, the product might seem a little too redundant to move up your list of priorities. Isn’t a caravan cover enough protection already? And aren’t tyres designed for outdoor use? Why in the world do they need additional protection?

Before you strike wheel covers off your caravan accessories shopping list, take a moment to consider the following parameters.

UV rays can wreak havoc upon your caravan’s tyres

There’s a subtle difference between the way car tyres and caravan tyres are used. Cars move in and out of the shade. They are used for relatively short spurts of time, and typically have garages to return to. Caravans on the other hand are meant to take you into remote locations, and as such see extended lengths of time in the sun. Even when they aren’t on the move, they are parked in open areas (caravan parks, rest areas, etc.), and remain exposed to the sun. When you bring your caravan home, you typically leave it in your driveway (unless you own an exceptional amount of real estate). So essentially, sun exposure never ends for your caravan.

And when we say sun exposure, we’re primarily referring to damage caused by UV rays. Extended exposure to UV rays causes cracks to develop on your caravan tyres, at which point you’ll have no option but to replace them. And you’re probably no stranger to the fact that caravan tyres don’t come cheap. As such, in the interest of protecting your investment, getting a set of wheel covers doesn’t seem too unwise.

Some protection is better than no protection (especially if it comes cheap)

UV rays aren’t the only enemy out there. Since your caravan is exposed to the elements more often than not, it tends to face the onslaught of rain, snow, flying dust and debris, and so on. Tyres face the elements every bit as much as the rest of the caravan’s body. And it isn’t just the rubber that needs your attention. The alloys and brake drums can also wear out with too much exposure to sun and moisture. As such, considering the fact that a complete set of caravan wheel covers will only set you back by 50 bucks, it’s a fairly inexpensive purchase.

Caravan wheel covers also have hidden benefits

You’ve found the perfect caravan park. You’ve set up camp, and are all set to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your awning. Trouble is, if it happens to be a windy day, you could be in for a bout of discomfort. The area around your caravan’s tyres tends to capture the breeze, converting it into a full-blown draught, and sending it straight to your erstwhile comfortable awning space. Caravan wheel covers, when used in conjunction with wheel arch covers or awning draught skirts, can reduce the impact of the wind, keeping you comfortable and free to make the most of the outdoors.

At the end of the day, purchasing caravan wheel covers is a matter of choice. It is also a common subject of debate among caravan owners, many of whom believe that it doesn’t add to a caravan’s protection in any significant way. Before you go ahead and make your choice, make sure that you’ve browsed through the complete range of wheel covers on the market. A number of innovative wheel covers, featuring smart materials and technologies, have recently come up and promise a great deal more than basic tyre protection. 

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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