Titan RV




Titan RV has been a provider of quality RV and towing accessories to the Australian light trailer industry for over 20 years. 


 Evolving in 2009 from Bainbridge Technologies Pty Ltd, Titan RV is a leading provider of a comprehensive range of products including: 


  • Towing,
  • Hitching, and
  • RV Accessories


Our products are used in a variety of leisure and commercial industries e.g.; Marine, Automotive, 4x4, RV, Mining and Industrial.


Our innovative unique product solutions are in high demand and we have an extensive dealer network offering customer the reassurance of a quality, safe product and a positive experience with every purchase. 


In addition, Titan RV has developed and is the original equipment manufacturer of a specialised levelling system called Redfoot available through our companies; Levelling Jacks Australia and Titan RV. 


Through these companies Titan supplies some of the largest manufacturers of motorhomes, emergency vehicles and commercial vehicles in Australia and New Zealand. 


Titan RV is excited to continue growing and providing our customers with leading innovative products and an experience they can’t wait to share with others.