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Cables, Adaptors & Power Packs

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Find all the handy accessories for your portable fridge including cables, adaptors, and power packs. Here at Caravan RV Camping we stock everything you need to power up your fridge safely wherever you travel. 


Get Connected with Portable Fridge Power Packs

When you buy your portable fridge, you want to make sure you can power it safely and reliably wherever you travel. That’s where our range of portable fridge power packs comes in. We sell power packs for a wide range of popular fridge models, including Dometic, Engel, Evakool, Milenco and Bushman.

Find the right cables and power packs to hook up your portable fridge. We sell fridge cords, AC/DC converters, connections leads and power packs to ensure your fridge runs safely from your set up.

Want to run power direct from your battery to your fridge? Check out the Dometic DC hardwiring kit. With two output socket types, the kit provides DC voltage for your powered cooler or other 12V/24V devices. The heavy-duty wiring will bring steady power to the rear of your vehicle with minimal voltage drop.

Take the time to make sure that your portable fridge is set up properly from the start. Our range of power packs and cables gives you peace of mind that it will run safely and reliably.


Shop our range of power packs here.


Need help? Click here:  Portable Camping Fridge Buyer's Guide


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