Camec Caravan Cover C22CCV 20'-22' (6.0m-6.6m)

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Camec 20-22ft Caravan Cover - Now with 3 year Warranty!

Camec caravan covers are characterised by a high degree of practicality, quality and affordability. This particular make fits any caravan that measures between 20 and 22 feet in length, providing it with complete and effective protection from the elements all year round. The UV stabilised design of the cover blocks out harmful UV rays that can fade away paints and finishes prematurely.
The caravan cover also offers protection from rain and snow, through its 100% waterproof roof section and water resistant side panels. The side panels are breathable, ensuring that moisture keeps evaporating from your caravan, thus keeping it mildew free. The Camec caravan cover is lightweight and easy to install. Its dual clip nylon straps gather up loose fabric on the front and back, giving it a snug fit over your caravan.
A special reinforced skirt protects the base of the vehicle as well. The side panel has a zippered door to the interior of your caravan; this can optionally be converted into a sun awning. Extra reinforced corners with double stitching add to the durability of the Camec caravan cover, making it a caravan accessory that is well worth its price. 


  • Designed for caravans measuring 20-22ft in length
  • Shields your caravan against moisture, sunlight, wind, acid rain and pollutants
  • UV stabilised design helps retain your caravan’s paints and finishes
  • 100% waterproof roof section and water resistant side panels for moisture protection
  • Breathable side panels allow moisture to evaporate, keeping the caravan mildew free
  • Lightweight and easy to install, with dual clip nylon straps on front and back for a secure fit
  • Extra reinforced corners with double stitching for protection from sharp edges
  • Reinforced skirt protects the base of the vehicle
  • Zippered side panel allows access to the caravan; can optionally open up to form a sun awning
  • 3 Year manufacturer warranty


  • Made to fit 20ft-22ft caravans (6.0m to 6.6m)
  • 100% waterproof roof
  • 3 Year Warranty 



​Measure your caravan at it's longest point, excluding rear bumper & spare wheel. Camec covers are designed to accomodate all rooftop accessories eg:  airconditioners & solar panels. 

The internal floor plan as stated from the manufacturer, can vary to the actual external length of the body of your caravan because of storage spaces and boots etc - be sure to always measure your external length. 

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Q) What is the best way to install these Caravan Covers on a full height caravan?

A) There are a few different ways to install a caravan cover, although the bigger and taller your caravan, the more likely you will need a second person and the use of ladders.  The easiest way to install a caravan cover on a full height caravan is to use 2 people with preferrably 2 ladders - one person each side.  Roll your cover up like a sausage spanning the width of your caravan and simply roll out from back to front moving your ladders forward as you go.  Once you get to the front, you can roll the front back and sides down and adjust accordingly.  Taking the cover off is simply reversing this procedure. 


Q) My last cover disintegrated within 12 months, what makes these covers any better?

A) Camec caravan covers use the best UV protection available and back their product with a 3 year warranty in full open weather conditions.   


Caravan RV Camping

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