Camec Compact Washing Machine

Camec Compact Washing Machine

Camec 2.5kg Top Loader VS Camec 4kg Front Loader


For some campers, a caravan adventure means jetting off to a caravan park or resort to enjoy the attractions that a location has to offer.

For others, this is a time of peace and solitude, a momentous occasion to enjoy a reprieve from the rest of society. For them, the longer they can stay away, the better.

If you’re part of this second group of campers, then a caravan washing machines will likely interest you.

Regardless of how many clothes you bring with you, you’re ultimately going to run out.

And quite frankly, if you put on dirty clothes after a shower or bath, you’re going to feel gross no matter how long you just scrubbed.

If you’re looking for a bit of information on caravan washing machines, then you’re in luck.

The following few paragraphs will provide a brief overview of caravan washing models, focusing on Camec-branded washing machines, in particular.


Why Camec?

With over 50 years of experience in the caravan industry, the Camec brand has become renowned in the camping realm for its guarantee of high-quality camping products and appliances, including air conditioners, fridges, icemakers, stoves, solar panels, and more.

As mentioned, this article will be focusing on Camec-branded washing machines in particular.


Camec Washing Machine Models

The two Camec washing machine models are listed within the company’s Compact RV line.

The smallest of the two Compact RV model advertises a top-load loading door and a 2.5kg capacity while the most advanced model features a front-load loading door and 4kg capacity.

Their differences, however, go much further than that.


Comparing the Features

The 2.5kg top-loading model is the most basic Camec washing machine, while the 4.0kg front-loading is the most advanced.

In addition to its higher capacity and front-load ability, the front-loading Camec washing machine offers a myriad of features and benefits not available to its smaller sized counterpart.

Although the smaller 2.5 kg model provides the ability to make high and low water level adjustments, the larger model additionally provides the automatic control of water level.

While the smaller model advertises 7 different washing program options, the larger 4.0 kg edition adds another 8, for a total of 15, to its arsenal.

In addition to upgrading the smaller washing machine’s abilities, the 4kg Camec washing machine also hosts a large number of brand-new features, which include:

  • A user-adjustable spin speed ranging from 400-1000 RPM
  • A two-way wash cycle selector
  • Wash timer display
  • An AQUAPLUS mode for soft skin which ensures all detergents are completely rinsed from the clothes.


What About Lemair?

As mentioned, the 2.5kg and the 4.5 kg are the most popular models listed in Camec’s Compact RV line.

This affordable models packs a ton of power in one compact frame and is capable of washing a full load of clothes in anywhere from 35 to 56 minutes.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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