Split System Air Conditioner

Built in, Under Bunk and Split System Air Conditioners


Built in, under bunk and split system Caravan and RV Airconditioners can be mounted in a variety of places through out your caravan or RV.  The most common reasons to build in your airconditioner or remote mount your compressor is to alleviate the amount of weight a roof top mounted air conditioner can apply to your roof. 


 If suppporting your roof and beefing up the pop top struts is not an option, then sometimes it is more convenient to remote mount the compressor under the bed or in a cupboard, and mount the head unit where space is available. 


Some Of Our Best Sellers


Truma Saphir Comfort Ducted Air Conditioner


Saphir 60mm Air Conditioner Ducting 15 Metre Roll


65mm ducting to suit Truma Saphir- 15m


Truma Saphir Particle Filter