Washing Machine Options

Camec’s RV Washing Machine Options

If you’re the type of camper who rejoices at off-roading adventures and loves to live “off-the-grid”, you likely understand how valuable simple comforts, like clean clothes and hot water, can be.

Some people jet from location to location and stay at areas equipped with bathroom and laundry facilities. 

For the off-roading caravan camper, however, things are not always that easy. They are the ones required to find alternative solutions to their everyday needs, such as washing clothes in a nearby lake or stream.

This, however, can old very quickly.

If you’re sick of your clothes not having that freshly watched scent and feel, or are just tired of washing items in the lake, then this article, provided by Caravan RV Camping, is for you.

The following few paragraphs will be going over Camec-branded washing machine models, in particular.


The Camec Reputation

With over half a century of experience in the caravanning industry, Camec is a well-known brand in the caravan camping world.

Praised for a combination of high-quality products with a variety of models, Camec has manufactured a large number of camping products and accessories, including (but not limited to): air conditioners, solar panels, icemakers, and fridges.

As mentioned, however, this article will be focusing on Camec’s washing machine lines, in particular.


Camec’s Lemair Washing Machine Model

Camec’s Lemair washing machine is a mini-model touting a 2.2kg capacity and top-loading door mechanism.

Acting as a great affordable washing option, the Lemair is capable of washing a full load in anywhere from 35-56 minutes, depending on certain factors.

For more information, click here.


Camec’s 240V Twin Washing Machine

The Camec 240V Twin Washing Machine is another affordable, compact washing machine offered by Camec.

Although the Twin requires the user to manually fill water via an included hose, the system boasts numerous useful features, including 3 different wash modes, an automatic locking-lid and draining mechanism, as well as intense 2-way agitator action.


Camec’s 2.5 and 4.0kg Washing Machine Models

Advertised under Camec’s “Compact RV line” are the two most popular Camec washing machine models:

  • A top-loading, 2.5kg model
  • A front-loading, 4.0kg model

The 2.5kg model is essentially considered the basic version of this line, featuring high and low level water adjustments and 7 different wash program options.

The 4.0kg model improves on these features by altering the loading mechanism, automating water control, and adding an additional 8 wash program options (for a total of 15).

However, a large number of brand new features have also been added to the 4.0kg model, including:

  • Easily adjustable spin cycle with a range of 400-1000 RPM
  • A two-way wash cycle selector
  • A handy wash timer display
  • An AQUAPLUS mode specifically for sensitive skin

For more information, click here for the 2.5kg model and here for the 4.0kg model.  


If you’re still not sure which washing machine option is the best for you, feel free to browse Caravan RV Camping’s extensive washing machine catalogue featuring high-quality name brands such as Camec, Dometic and Sphere.

You may also contact them directly via 1800-RV-PARTS.