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Carefree Freedom 12 Volt Box Awning

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Looking for a streamlined, easy to use awning? The Carefree Freedom awning is packed with features you’ll love.


Good Looking and Easy to Use

The Carefree Freedom awning is designed to give you the freedom to enjoy shade how you want. Streamlined and easy to operate, the Carefree Freedom awning is a 12V box awning that mounts onto the side of your RV or caravan. Simply use the button installed inside your RV, to open and retract the awning as you need. When the awning is at a comfortable height, you can unfold the support arms for extra stability. Plus, the Carefree Freedom awning support arms are adjustable. If you don’t have enough space to open the awning fully, you can stop it at any point, unfold the legs and secure them.

Choose the Perfect Fit for Your RV Or Caravan

We sell the Carefree Freedom awning in 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m and 4.5m sizes. Carefree Freedom awnings are available in two canopy colours - silver shale or blue slate and come housed in an attractive white aluminium casing for a sleek look. They come complete with everything you need to install and use your awning: mounting brackets, bottom brackets for the support legs, carriage and lag bolts, small backing plates and covers, and all electronics.


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